When is your birthday?



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    Oh goodness!  That's a lot to take on board.
    There's a private group on here for Mets

    Take care

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    I am So sorry to hear that @Opoho - I have a few personal local friends going down the same path. xx

    The Herceptin can be a real game changer & I hope it is for you xx. Hopefully you won't have any issues with the Radium treatments ... make sure you keep the area well moisturised after each session - and if it looks red/inflamed or the skin 'breaking down' - let your Breast Care Nurse (or the Rads Nurses) know immediately you notice it. xx

    I hope you have strong family/friend support around you, to help you get thru these initial stages xx. If there is anything that we can do to help, just ask xxx

    Take care & all the best for the Rads xx

    @Mez_BCNA - can Opoho's post be moved to it's own spot in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Category please, for more dedicated replies? xx
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    Birthday is 20 December and this year's present will my 2nd drainage tube out after my surgery next week  :(
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    Mine is April 24th
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    6 October. I’m a new member, diagnosed with early breast cancer on 17 December, waiting for results from more tests and a treatment plan. I’m so grateful for the information and stories on BCNA’s website. 
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    So sorry to see you join the club that no-one wanted to join, @Annette77 xx

    I hope your scans yesterday went well.  The waiting for results is always a real pain as this disease really mucks with your brain as much as your body - I hope that you have a lot of family & friend support & that you are able to keep active & busy until you see your surgeon next, for the results.  Do you have a trusted friend to take with you to your appointments?  A 2nd set of ears can be invaluable as there is a lot to take in at your early appointments.   My sister in law asked more questions than I did!  She was a blessing!

    I would recommend that you also tape the appointments, so you can go over them later on, as it is easy to miss bits in the emotion of the moment.  

    Having Dense Breast Tissue can mean that cancers are 'camouflaged' as both the breast tissue AND the cancer show as 'white' on the Mammograms - and are often 'missed' (as happened with mine. My GP found mine 4 months after a 'clear' mammogram.)  I am on a bit of a mission to get BreastScreen Australia to ADVISE ALL of their clients of their breast density at their first screening - as it is in OUR best interest to know that we really need to have an ultrasound AS WELL as the Mammogram - and possibly more scans/tests - for an accurate diagnosis.  Sadly, having dense breast tissue can also result in finding more advanced cancer - which is the MAIN reason that we should be advised of our breast density.

    Once you see your surgeon & have your 'game plan' - you should feel more comfortable, knowing that things are about to happen soon - tho the final game plan will only occur after your surgery & final pathology. 

    Please jump onto this thread, to see 'other areas' in the blog that may help you navigate the blog ..... we even have 'funny areas' to give us a laugh - or you can show us your gardens or pets ..... anything that you'd like to share.  The tick sheets (down the bottom) can help with formulating questions of your medical team ..... 

    Take care, all the best for your continuing treatment xx

    @Mez_BCNA, could this be moved/copied to Newly Diagnosed, please?

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    Hi @Annette77, I am glad you have discovered the online network and its supportive members. I have created your own discussion thread which you can access via this link https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/discussion/24113/newly-diagnosed-await-treatment-plan/p1?new=1 (Thankyou @arpie)

    Please reach out if you require further assistance 1800 500 258. The member support team are back on deck this coming Tuesday 4th Jan.
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    My 50th 
    6th February 
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    23 of February. 

    Being a new member I’m finding everyone’s journey & their stories they share so supportive & inspiring. It’s comforting to know that there is an amazing support network out there for us all. 
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    3rd May
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    14 September !
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    welcome @duna0972 - does that mean that you were born in 1972 and are having a special birthday this year?  :)
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    Hi @gumnut yes and does, hope to be cancer free and spending it on Hamilton Island with friends and family !
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    sounds wonderful @duna0972