When is your birthday?



  • Lythe
    Lythe Member Posts: 64
    My birthday is November 18
  • Cherylb
    Cherylb Member Posts: 5
    Mine is March 25th, We did have an overseas holiday planned but now with diagnosis, we have postponed.  Will have to make it a big celebration at the end of all this :)
  • Vix1963
    Vix1963 Member Posts: 22
    November 26- Saggi 
  • gumnut
    gumnut Member Posts: 1,044
    So will it be a big celebration next year @Vix1963:)
  • Vix1963
    Vix1963 Member Posts: 22
    I was a bit baffled as to why you would think next years birthday would be so special but then I did the math. I still feel and thinking I’m 25 but doing the math ‘Light dawned on Marble head’ and I realised... holy cow! Il be 60 next year!!  Wow 😮 
    so nn answer to your question- yes- I’ll celebrate 🥰
  • gumnut
    gumnut Member Posts: 1,044
    @Vix1963 - well that's exciting and something to definitely celebrate - I just had my big 60 and will be celebrating for a little while yet  :)  <3  
    It's just a number but one worth celebrating in a big way xox
  • Julierog
    Julierog Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2022
    Mine is16th January. The day after my bilateral mastectomy and deip flap reconstruction.
  • JulieAC
    JulieAC Member Posts: 2
    5th September 
  • greyhound
    greyhound Member Posts: 13
    April 21:)
  • SylviaM
    SylviaM Member Posts: 14
    May 28!!

  • FTA
    FTA Member Posts: 17
    30 June  :)
  • Isaidso
    Isaidso Member Posts: 31
    I received a happy birthday message today. Thanks so much xxx
  • ilovewhenitrains
    ilovewhenitrains Member Posts: 14
    14th April
  • Charmed64
    Charmed64 Member Posts: 3
    My birthday is 8th July. 
  • AZ79
    AZ79 Member Posts: 8
    October 21