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Sewing... does anyone sew?



  • Annie CAnnie C Member Posts: 702
    Oh @Zoffiel
    Now that is sewing talent.
    The cut and finish is beautiful. 

    My imagination has now run into overdrive with you dressed to the nines in this superb outfit roaring around town on a Harley.

  • MartineBMartineB Member Posts: 14

    @Zoffiel that is absolutely gorgeous!!!  I have just started a sewing classes to reintroduce me to any skills I may have had and you have given me something to aspire to!!! 

  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,944
     I made a bit of money out of that pattern @anniec I used to make it up in oilcloth with a different collar, detachable cape and a back vent so you could ride a horse in it. Sold dozens of them and they were not cheap but the horsey ladies loved them, much more stylish than a dry-as-a-bone when one is sitting on a $30k nag waiting for ones dressage class.

    I probably should dust off the heavy duty machine and do that again, though I have no idea where Id get the fabric now. It would also mean cleaning out my workshop. The horror..
  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 624
    Steampunkers would pay big bucks for a coat like that. They (and hardcore goths) pay a lot for exclusive garments as they can't really pop into Target or David Jones for their fashion choices. I did quite a bit of knitting for things like victorian collars, gauntlet gloves and spats for cash, one off, no two alike and I couldn't knit fast enough.
  • jan61jan61 Member Posts: 48
    @Zoffiel that coat is something else :) . I can knit ( boring! ) crochet ( a square if I concentrate ) but I think I have always known how to sew. I helped pay for my youngest daughters uni by making smocked dolls clothes and sold them on eBay... that was quite a while ago lol. My little granddaughter is a fashionista at 5 with very eclectic taste. I love sewing for her but for myself? Yikes my poo bear shape doesn’t make for a fashionable silhouette 😩
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,870
    @Afraser Knitted lorikeet coat?!
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,792
    Yep. Blue base and a pattern of rainbow lorikeets with wattle trim! Nearly went skelly eyed following the pattern but my daughter wore it for years - OK it was very long when she first wore it and she looked like a colourful Dopey, but all my own work!! 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,870
    @Afraser Sounds deliciously eccentric. Any chance of a photo?!
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,792
    I have one somewhere, it was a long time ago! 
  • Jax1964Jax1964 Member Posts: 76
    I am trying to figure out a way to pack my sewing machine and overlocker into my motorhome. I miss them terribly when on the road. I have resorted to cross stitch to satisfy my addiction but it doesn't have the same kick as actual sewing. 
    I'm stuck in Syd for a while now while I wait for tests etc so I'm sewing up a storm.

  • KarenhappyquilterKarenhappyquilter Member Posts: 236
    I also sew, mainly quilts but also drain bags, other bags and a few stretchy fabric tops. i give away much to friends and charity. My sewing room is my happy place. I wish I could sew clothes better. When my children were young I did a knit wit course and sewed them T-shirt’s and shorts.  It was fun.  I am currently quilting a top I sewed by hand 15 years ago.  I don’t love it anymore but it will be good to finish it!
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