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New diagnosis, have had mastectomy



  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,903
    @TeePee Good luck today. Hope it all goes smoothly. Remember, no suffering in silence! K xox
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,589
    Good luck, @teepee.  Hope it goes smoothly for you.
  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 1,552
    Hello @TeePee
    Hoping all goes well with your first chemotherapy treatment today.  You will be sent home with some medication for nausea, remember to drink lots at least 2 litres and make sure you have a thermometer at home.  Rest up and take care of yourself today.
  • TeePeeTeePee PerthMember Posts: 31
    Thanks all. I feel a bit weird but otherwise ok. Took my nausea meds this morning and my 16 year old daughter gave me an injection this morning...good practice for her as she wants to be a Dr!
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  • TeePeeTeePee PerthMember Posts: 31
    2nd chemo yesterday, feeling drunk and woozy last night, but good today, no nausea and I slept pretty well. Hair is falling it in handfulls but not really bothering me too much. A few other annoying little side effects but nothing major.  So I'm pretty happy with that!

    went to physio last week for cording in my arm - I felt pretty good going in, movement in arm was much improved and really good and core not too painful - but she smashed me! Dug into everything from bottom of ribs to top of chest- it hurt massively!! I screamed at one point and asked what she did, she dug into one of my drain sites...WTF?? I was bruised the next few days above my mastectomy scar and barely able to move my arm and shoulder at all. I did have a skin infection around my mastectomy scar so she said that's why it might be a bit more sensitive. She also said i was a lot sore than last time but i said last time she only did my arm and cording, not my entire chest wall...I honestly felt like I had some broken ribs. She was feeling about my car and diggin in and then decided it was the top of my rib! Is this normal????? Why did I pay $130 for this torture and should I go back? I went last Monday and only feel like it's getting back to normal now!! My daughter has been massaging the cording 1-2 times per day, should I just leave it at that?
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,589
    I've yelped and gritted my teeth when the physio has been working on the cording but it doesn't keep hurting for days.  May be a little bit tender for a couple of hours.
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,556
    My cranial osteopath never hurts me and always fixes my pain, wherever it is. Unfortunately a good one is hard to find. He has fixed everything from my twisted torso to blocked lymph nodes to fluid build up in my joints. I have my mastectomy and lymph node removal in four weeks and he is making sure he is ready to prevent and/or fix any issues we might come across. Pain is not necessary for gain. Maybe try a newbie.
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