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New diagnosis, have had mastectomy



  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Oh and ladies I have an embarrassing confession... I am Triple positive not Triple negative 🤦‍♀️ Turns out I didn’t really understand my pathology report initially .....feel like a dumb arse but acknowledge I have a lot to learn and I am trying @TeePee and @Suzi_S61
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Hey @Suzi_S61 sadly both breast care nurses in my zone are away for my appointments,can’t complain though they are at a BC conference,so I will debrief with them after.
    yes I am doing the exercises three times a day and massage but the tightness feeling and pain under my arm and armpit just like a tennis ball is not disappearing,I am taking panadol and neurofen every day.Tell me what’s a seroma?
    the BC nurse and surgeon checked the area and they just said they roughy it was odema hence the visit to the Physio the recommend this Friday xx
  • TeePeeTeePee PerthMember Posts: 31
    @Shellbelle_75 I read your Triple Pos diagnosis on another post. That's good news as you have more treatment options.
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    @TeePee I appreciate your support I don’t know hey chick I feel so confused the triple positive thing sure as hell doesn’t feel positive on any level right now hey :( just feel like I got the trifecta of shit!!!
    i think what ever each of our diagnosis is it’s bloody scary for every woman and we all just want it to be treated and gone.Triple positive appears to be from what I have read particularly aggressive and more prone to reoccurrence.....what ever the case I just wish us all to be well and free of this disease ASAP xx
  • Suzi_S61Suzi_S61 Member Posts: 68
    @Shellbelle_75 a seroma is a build up of fluid usually when a mastectomy has been performed. Its old blood fluid because nodes have been removed. I don't know if it can happen w/o mastectomy. The knot you refer to sounds similar to what I have experienced. Also a cold tingling on the back of my arm. I found massage gently hrlped me although sometimes a bit too sore to do that. The best results were from the exercises. Some days better than others. It will get better. 4 weeks post op feeling pretty good now. I had 12 nodes removed and single mastectomy. 
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Thankyou @Suzi_S61 I will ask the question as I had a right mastectomy and auxiliary node clearance 23 nodes removed 
    fingers crossed hey the recovery continues and these feelings pass xx
  • Suzi_S61Suzi_S61 Member Posts: 68
    @Shellbelle_75 stay strong we are with you. It seems a blur since I first went to my mammogram. Head is still spinning. Let us know how you get on. Heaps of love your way xx
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Thanks gorgeous right back at you it does help to chat with you beautiful ladies in such a time of uncertainty for all of us 
    onwards and upwards my friend! @Suzi_S61
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,903
    You'll be an expert before long @Shellbelle_75. You'll get there. Wish you didn't have to though! Big hug, K xox
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Thankyou Lovely @kmakm knowledge is power hey to help each other and hopefully ourselves 
    this is the only good I can see in this is to be more aware and educated to hopefully support others in the future xx
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,903
    @Shellbelle_75 I agree. Little good comes of cancer. But if we can spread awareness and tell our stories then maybe some others will catch their disease early and have an easier time of it as a result. K xox
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    ABSOULTLEY agree @kmakm
  • Suzi_S61Suzi_S61 Member Posts: 68
    @Shellbelle_75 sorry I just read your post about the triple business. Hey don't be embarrassed about any aspect of your journey and your ability to take it all in. I found myself in that same position and god knows they tell you so much so quickly and things generally move pretty fast so how can our poor brains take it all in. I was really thankful for the BN because even my partner couldn't remember stuff when I asked later. The positive for hormones is definitely a plus. There are lots going for the treatment available. Stay positive too 😄 thinking of you. Got my port inserted today and it was fairly simple. I stressed for nothing. We are fighters, warriors and we can kick this shit out of our lives and get on with living. 
  • Shellbelle_75Shellbelle_75 Member Posts: 65
    Thanks @Suzi_S61 I felt like a bit of a twit....just totally overwhelmed I suppose with info :(
    glad to hear your port is sorted and sounds pretty straight forward? I am going to ask about one also 
    The BN are amazing but due to my rural location my contact can be limited and predominantly phone based with them.
    My partner I have only been seeing each other long distance for 1 year and while he is very supportive he is also a deer in the headlights currently bless him.
    well done you,one more step forward to kicking this crap out of our bodies lovely xx
  • Suzi_S61Suzi_S61 Member Posts: 68
    @Shellbelle_75 don't stress if they say you need a port. I found it fairly easy. I just said make sure I am numb before you start. A bit cheeky I know but hey it's my body. They were great and kept checking I was okay throughout. Between 1 and 10 1 being zero pain 10 being extreme personally for me it was barely a 2 and that was because the injections sting for a second or 2 thats it. It must be hard for your partner poor thing. I think it's harder sometimes for the people around us. We just seem to go through the motions. Not saying we don't feel because hell we do. Everyone reacts differently when you tell them.
    Some just fade into the background and others really step up. It's okay which ever but you do need a partner to help you through. Mine is wonderfully supportive although we do disagree sometimes, mostly because I am a bit snappy these days. He does forgive me lol. Sorry you don't have access to the BN perhaps you can record what they tell you on your phone. Just ask if they mind. They will also give you heaps of info usually in the form of pamphlets etc. Just tell them you don't have personal access to a BN. They probably already know if you are rural. If you want to know anything jump on here. I am happy to tell you what I know but my treatment might be a bit different. Someone will know or link you to some info etc. Hope you get on okay. Cheers for now. Keep smiling 😄💖
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