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Hi everyone  I don’t know how to start this, I was diagnosed with breast in 2017 when pregnant. My baby and I went through mastectomy, chemo and radiation together because she was still in my belly when I was going through all that, thank God she came out beautifully and strong. She is 20month and a very happy girl. But now unfortunately my cancer has metastasis into my bones and liver. Having chemo again with all that comes with it. I get really stressed and frustrated. The chemo knocks me down so hard I can barely get out of bed sometimes, can’t eat and am losing so much weight.. I feel like this cancer is winning but heal no am not going down without a fight.


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    Sending you love and strength @ Maayaa. I'm so sorry you have to go through this battle again, sometimes life seems very unfair. 
    Hopefully, someone here will be able to offer more in terms of advice around treatment so that you can enjoy life with your beautiful little girl . Xxx
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    So sorry to see you here, @Maayaa - there is a group called Young Women - you can discuss ANY topics in private - ony members can see your questions & answers.  "https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/group/10-young-women"

    and Living with Metastatic Cancer - where you can put up any question re your condition.  There are advances being made every day in the treatment of Mets - and we have many members who have achieved between 10 & 20 years, living with mets.  Once again, this is a private group - so ask away!  xxx

    If you are feeling down, contact our helpline here on 1800 500 258 .... 

    I hope that you have good friends & family to help you thru this treatment.   Wishing you all the best xxx
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    I can't imagine how hard it is for you.

    I thought this link might be helpful. Have a look through it. The registration for assistance is there.

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    Thank  you Primek I will look into it
  • Maayaa
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    Thanks so much ladies 
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    Absolutely, well said @Tinks ..... @Maayaa - when my husband was going thru chemo he got down to 50kg (he had most of his stomach removed.) I was told the same  -  it doesn't matter WHAT he eats, so long as he eats!   I used to 'value add' to his meals too - heaps of cheese in my smoked fish pie and I added Baby Milk powder & protein powder to his milk to give him more calories.  He then took a liking to the KFC Chicken Wraps & the Berry Smoothies - so that's what he had a few days a week (being a triathlete, he normally didn't eat junk food!!)  He also loved our local pie shop pies - so I would buy 12 at a time & freeze them so I had them on hand when he felt like one.  

    I did a really mean smoothie too with bananas, adding custard & cream/ice cream to the mix as well as the egg & vanilla. It is Really yummy.  I tried different fruits too - adding apple & peach.  Be inventive.  Sometimes just drinking a smoothie is an easy way to get some calories into you - and very nice too!

    Yep - definitely keep on top of the nausea - just don't stop taking it - and as Tinks says, let them know if it isn't working!

    All the best xxxx
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    Dear @Maayaa

    I'd like to send you some of my kilos!
    Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
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    me too @jennyss  LOL xx