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Pebbz1981Pebbz1981 Member Posts: 32
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Hello all.

So im thinking of starting an instagram account just to document some of the ups and downs i have with metastatic , being young, dysphagia, and everything in between but for the last few weeks i am struggling to come up with a name.
I thought about living with metastatic breast cancer but i think its a bit long.
Any suggestions or does anyone have an account i can look at aswell?
I was 27 when first diagnosed in 2009 and found it extremely hard to talk to people my age as everyone was so much older and now being diagnosed with dysphagia i am finding it hard to find people to get advice from. So i thought maybe if i can help people then it would help me along the way.

Thank you


  • ~Millie~~Millie~ Member Posts: 61
    I'd go with something fun like BreastCancerBabe - then just tag your posts with #metastic #metasticbc #metasticbreastcancer #breastcancerbabe #breastcancer #youngbreastcancer etc. Good luck. It's nice you're offering your journey up to give others support xx
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    Hi Pebbz. I'm on IG. I've found a huge number of accounts out there documenting cancer diagnoses and treatments. Go for something as individual as possible and then hashtag the heck out of it with all the cancer hashtags.

    My IG account has been going for years. I put a bit of my BC stuff up but not exclusively. I found it very therapeutic! I hope you find it helpful too. DM me your account name when you set it up and I'll follow you! K xox

  • Pebbz1981Pebbz1981 Member Posts: 32
    Hey all.

    So i decided to just keep my instagram account instead of having 2 and i just made it public. My name is same as what it is here. I have not posted much cancer related since going public but hopefully will start soon. Just gotta find that right first post.

    Thanks for all the comments and support and hope you will follow me and find what i post interesting.
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
  • GlynnisGlynnis Member Posts: 342
    @Pebbz1981 I’m following you 😃
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