In an Unrelenting Journey....lets see whats the smallest thing that brightens your day?



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    Tough time for you Melclarity. My son is also experiencing severe depression. He has done so for years and sort of held it together whilst I was under treatment but now that life is moving on he has dropped really low. As Mum's we always carry the guilt that we caused it. But you and I know we didn't. It just needs time, love, a good tberapist and in my son's case the right drugs to bring him back. X
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    I hope it plays, this cheered me up today. Her giggling and saying this is the best day ever.
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    Hi Melclarity, I found a little note book I was given when I first started treatment.   On the front cover are the words Angels are everywhere ! And also a funny little sketch of an angel with her hair standing on end. Inside the note book are the words---
    Sometimes we feel that we are all alone, as life brings us challenges to over come and hardships to bear. But when we least expect it, help can appear. It may be a kind word from a stranger or a phone call at just the right time, and we are suddenly surrounded with the loving grace of God.  Miracles happen every day because angels are everywhere. Sending you love and comforting hugs.
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    That was beautiful Wendy!! Thank you!!! I have an affinity with Dragonflies and my connection to my Mum...thought Id share...xo
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    I cuddled my puppy this morning and (hope I don't gross anyone out) sniffed her ear because her ears have a familiar smell that just makes me feel so relaxed at the smell of it.  I'm so calm whenever I have a lie down and she snuggles up near my head and rest her head on mine.. the smell I get from both my dogs is a weird kind of comforting smell that makes my brain very happy.  I'm grateful for puppy cuddles
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    Brenda that was soooo cute!!!!! and Ne awwww I could totally relate to that too!! how wonderful!! Aaaah easy to get addicted to those Aha!!! moments xo
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    Oh @melclarity that sounds like a tough time for you. My eldest son is doing HSC this year and a few years ago we felt he had depression. After working through issues etc we were referred to a psychiatrist and he was diagnosed with ADHD and an inability to focus on school work for very long which was causing low grades, low self esteem and depression. He was 13 at the time but we're managing well now with help from a psychologist and psychiatrist. All is good now. There are down times and frustrating times and melt downs but we have the tools to deal with it now. I hope your son finds the tools he needs to manage and cope with depression. As for the little things that brighten my day...we've had lots of rain and humidity here in Sydney and the mushrooms and fungi are popping up everywhere. I love getting down and photographing them all. They are fascinating how they just pop up overnight. Lisha xx
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    @EarthWalkerLisha It is tough and as my Son is living with my Ex currently as Im recovering from a Mastectomy/Diep Flap reconstruction is so hard. Im plugged in and in contact with his Teachers, problem is he is a High Achiever, and this is so common apparently. My daughter also was and the same thing happened to her diagnosed and on meds through VCE in 2015 and I had a recurrence and was in Chemo. Oh Boy!!! but we did it and she's off to Uni and off meds now and doing fine. My Surgery tipped him over the edge coupled with moving away from me when he's only known me for 6yrs so definitely tough. 

    Oh perfect weather for mushrooms!! sounds pretty! gee its humid here in Melbourne too... but I have to add...nothing compares to the humidity I experienced in the Cook Islands in October OMG was really difficult LOL and my partner says ummm so how do you feel you could retire here??? he comes from there and has a house and Im like ummm we'll see hahaha!
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    Just stumbled upon this post.
    What makes me happy each day are my fur babies, (Callie the cat, Lily & Zeus my two rascal Amstaff's) they're so excited to see me when I get home each day, and love to snuggle with me on the couch each night. My cat, Callie comes upstairs for snuggles once the dogs are in bed as they think she's a toy to play with... but she get's her times to smooch too.
    My kids always make me smile, even though I don't see them often. Talking to my parents - i'm looking forward to a lovely family xmas this year, as my folks are flying up from Melbourne, and my daughter is coming to stay for a couple weeks from Toowoomba - my son only lives 10-15 mins away. 
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    Hi everyone. What great posts so far. I’ve heard of the Otis foundation but have totally forgotten about them so I will.ook them up now. What brightens my day.... hhmmm...... doing my hair (pigtails of course as you all might have seen in my previous posts) walking my dogs every morning watching the sun come up over the bay, especially on the weekends when my hubby gets to come even if it is at 5am, having my grown up kids 18 and 21 come over on a Sunday for breakfast even when one of them is hungover sometimes and he still makes the effort,  sitting on a park bench over looking the ocean at Agnes Water  drinkypoo in hand hubby by my side poochies by our feet, texts from my kids and hubby especially the funny ones and everyone looks at me pissing my pants laughing in the supermarket normally because of them, speaking with other new bc patients and telling them like @melclarity said just breath you will get there, and then seeing the relief in there eyes and the hope in their hearts,  and my recent fundraising attempt which I got a lot of satisfaction out of too, and knowing that I am loved, there’s so many lonely people in this world who don’t have family or they do and they don’t give a shit and I’m grateful I have a great family, going back to work as a nurse and just hearing patients say thanks Margie I know I’ve made a difference even if it’s only a small one. Xxx
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    One of my 5 cats come in for the snuggle giving me cat paralysis. My cats and my dog stayed by my side all through chemo. Now it's back to getting a snuggle when I can. 
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    Just reading your posts brighten my day.  Apart from that, my 17month old grandson is visiting from WA. Watching him and being close to him brings my absolute joy.  Wishing you well Melinda x
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