Chemobrain, fatigue and long covid

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HI Im wondering if anyone has had covid and it has made their fatigue and chemobrain worse and how they have coped? Im 5 years post lumpectomy ,chemo, radio for ER pos breast cancer and have just almost got over my chemo brain.Ive been living almost hermit like avoiding covid for fear of exacerbating my chemobrain ..Im interested in any other members experience.( in my 20s I had a post viral fatigue for over 3-4 years )now Im 60


  • cranky_granny
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    @minimum67 I have often wondered if thats why Im worse since having covid. I was on my week off Palbo when i caught it and had the month of to recover before starting again. But I’ve never been the same since. I just keep putting it down to meds. Now you’ve got me pondering. Might ask Dr this week at my appointment. I didn’t do the antivirals as I didn’t want to go near the hospital at the time. 
  • arpie
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    @minimum67 I've been lucky & missed covid .... so far (and am doing my best to keep it that way!). I think those that get 'long covid' may have fog brain issues .....  Wishing you all the best xx

    I can't believe the 'fog brain' that I have in general tho - and I didn't even have chemo (nor covid)!  grr

    @cranky_granny - definitely raise it with your Onc & GP next time you see them, just so it is on the record, too! ..Tho. not sure what they can do about it  :(