Lumpectomy done - margins question



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    Thank you @Anne65.  I met with my radiologist - he fit me in earlier which was awesome, and had a long and thorough chat about my type of breast cancer, and the treatment he would do.  He was so caring and thorough, took plenty of time for me and my questions and went through all of my pathology report like noone else had.  I mentioned I hadn't had an MRI and that was still in the back of my mind, just to be sure there's nothing else lurking in the other breast too (as the mammo hadn't picked it up, only the u.s). So he got me an appointment for an MRI - this week.  I am now nervous about that, what if they find something else etc is torturing my head, but I need it done, so big girl pants on.  No idea how long results take but atleast that will be another thing ticked...with hopefulfly good results... xx
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    @laurie123 - well done on getting the MRI!! Many Oncs (Rad & Medical) won't order one!! 

    Personally, I reckon EVERY BC diagnosis should have one .....Having it done early in the piece gives a 'snapshot' of the whole body 'at that point in time' that can then be referred back to & compared with any ongoing scans later on. 

    And who knows - it 'may' even pick up on another spot that needs monitoring - win/win

    Yep, big girl pants on .... deep breaths .... take a buddy with you, if you can, for company & support xx. Try not to worry (difficult tho it is xx)

    take care & all the best 
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    @laurie123 I am so happy for you that you had such an amazing visit with your radiologist & that he answered all your questions PLUS organised an MRI for you. As @arpie said, good on you for asking for one. You will find that throughout this "journey" you have to speak up for yourself & ask if you can have a certain procedure/test done. You really do need to take charge of your body & speak up, which you have done! This week is not long to wait for your MRI & hopefully it wont be long to wait for the results. You cant change anything so try not to worry...yes, big girl pants on!! There will be a lot of waiting to come, unfortunately, so you will soon get used to it as hard as it is! You have made great progress this week so keep being strong & ticking those boxes. You are doing so well & should be proud of yourself! Youve got this!!!!! Love & strength xx <3