Roadblock to treatment

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Currently I had grade 3 BC and stage 3, and supposedly starting my chemo this coming Monday 20 Jun. Since being diagnosed with BC on 2 May, it has been so many hurdles. When I finally had an right mastectomy and right axillary clearance on 19 May, the report came back my tumor is not 2cm as shown on ultrasound and it's actually 7cm and I have 3 out 20 axillary affected. And my PET scan shows suspicious activity. So Dr ordered liver mri and left breast biopsy to make sure they are just fibroadenoma. Both my liver scan and left breast report came back normal and I'm set to start my chemo on 20 Jun. But I had a dental check today and it shows that my wisdom tooth has decayed inside on the x-ray. Called my oncologist and he said he wants the wisdom tooth to be out first before chemo treatment hence my treatment is be delayed by another week. I feel so lousy and horribly worry that given my grade 3 stage 3 BC my treatment need to be postpone for another week. I have been having night sweats and tingling sensation or pin n needles on random parts of body. Went to GP, he told me that it's common for breast cancer patient to have night sweat! It felt that I have so many hurdles to go thru before my treatment start :( It's so hard to be strong.  I'm so depressed that I can't even cry.


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    It's hard to comprehend but the dental work is a damned good idea
    It's not unusual for the pathology after surgery to be different to what was first said
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    When everything gets messed around, concentrate on the positives. Your liver scan and breast check are normal, hooray! Your dental work will only delay next steps by a week - much as your concern about your cancer progressing is understandable, a week is a very short time. When you are upset and anxious, your body reacts - sweats, tingles, odd pangs and sensations are not surprising. You will feel much better when you start chemo but best to get that tooth out first. Best wishes. 
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    Hi @Siewli. Sending you hugs, good vibes and best wishes. The advice I have received so far from the ladies on the forum has been helpful, even just concentrating on what the positives are right now (I know easier said then done). I too have had night sweats and unable to sleep well. Also, my pathology after surgery was not as initially as expected either and I understand just wanting to start the Chemo. I too was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 3 BC in early May after a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy (4 nodes of 5 no good that we know of as only 5 removed (prior to surgery it was suspected as grade 2 and smaller than what it turned out to be). As a result I need more surgery. I have had to wait until next week 21st June (first surgery was 13th May) for my next surgery, -  this is is when I was actually hoping to start my next stage of treatment/chemo- so this has delayed my start to chemo (July) as well - so your concerns about delay are completely understandable. Everyone is different, but I have tried to keep myself as busy (and distracted) as possible (brain and body) and I have also started meditation (not something I have ever done before). Wishing you all the best with the tooth extraction and the next stage of treatment. 
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    @Molly71, @Afraser and @iserbrown Thanks for your response and encouragement. It means a lot to me that someone is reaching out my concern and my post. At times, I feel very isolated that others may not understand what we are going thru even though I have really helpful and wonderful family and friends. I will keep myself busy and positive. Thanks for the advice.
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    Hi @Siewli
    There is never any need to feel isolated on this forum.
    Even though everyone’s experience is slightly different , the fact is we have all “ been there” one way or the other.
    My own story was I found a lump and even though I had a clear mammogram 12 months prior I had a 5.5cm lobular cancer and a mastectomy was recommended,
    In the end I had a double mastectomy , radiotherapy and reconstruction.
    My good news was no cancer in the lymph nodes ( so no chemo only radiotherapy)  the bad news was the PET scan showed something suspicious in my thyroid which turned out to be a completely independent cancer so I had a thyroidectomy as well.
    It seems there is often good news and bad news.
    I try and concentrate on the good news ( my cancer was stage 2 and 2 years later I am still here).
    All the best with your treatment and there are a lot of great resources on this website 
    Take care🌺
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    Sending you my best wishes and a big hug @Siewli 💐