WHO says no booze til you hit Menopause ..... AS IF!



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    Hi @FLClover, your story is much like mine. I raised my son on my own for 20yrs. I suffered prolonged long term stress all that time with intense work pressure, being a sole parent with an ex husband who contributed nothing but $21.67 per month, toxic family at times, deep trauma of the past with many health issues to deal with and on and on I could go. I was so burnt out. Burn out is also something recognised by the WHO. I did use alcohol sometimes to relax and socialise but most definitely my body had suffered much inflammation from all the stress. I had 3 melanoma too prior to bc and each time a melanoma was found i had been through an increased period of stress. I also noticed with both my melanoma diagnosis and bc that my vitamin D levels were very low.  I do think drinking excessively increases the risk of all illnesses and certainly the WHO is probably right to advise people whst the recommended amounts are for both men and women but they seem to target women mostly with the messaging. 
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    @Cath62 yes, very similar. I’m just reading a book about the effects of emotional stress on the body, and it definitely causes inflammation, which basically sets your body up for diseases. One of our biggest enemies is inflammation, which is why I take a turmeric supplement every day. I used to drink it as tea but it’s too disgusting. Another thing I’ve read that you mentioned is low vit D levels. I’m fair so stay out of the sun, and I’m pretty sure my levels were quite low too, and that’s another supplement I now take. But the main cause of these things is also stress. That’s when the body can’t function properly and goes all out of whack. So of course our cells will start to go haywire in those situations. I also got terrible facial acne when the panic attacks started, roughly 2 years before I was diagnosed. And I had problems with heavy periods. I believe that’s when my first tumour started growing (it was grade 1). Nothing I tried worked. Then I was diagnosed, had surgery and a month later acne gone all on its own. I couldn’t believe it. I asked my first surgeon if it was connected and he said no. I ask myself now and the answer is yes, cos I know myself a lot better than he does. To be fair, I agree with the WHO about excessive drinking etc. I believe it def causes a lot of harm to the body. And im glad they recognise a burn out as something serious which we should try to avoid. I’m just annoyed when, as you said, they mostly target women, and even sometimes use that as a main cause, and not just the WHO. In moderation, I think it’s fine. It’s stress and pent up (childhood) trauma we should be dealing with first. 
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    Welcome back @kezmusc .... yep, it’s driven me to drink again!  LOL
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    LOL @June1952  I am Just about to crack a beer ...... If I open a wine bottle - I keep going ..... earlier in the year with all the stress of Hubby's diagnosis, I was hitting the Bundy & Cokes - went thru a few bottles ...... now weaned off it to 1 beer with dinner!  ;)  Tho my brother & wife are arriving on Wed for the night, so should get some vino in .....
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    Keep venting!
    Common denominator for a lot of us is stress.  I had stress in bucketloads prior!
    It's a bitch but........

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    I'm with you on that, @MicheleR - particularly with my husband's cancer, which was first diagnosed in 2010 and again in Jan this year ... an incredibly fit triathlete without an ounce of fat on him - never smoked or drank and did not eat bad foods, cutting every bit of fat off any meat .... so it was even more unfair when he had to have most of his stomach removed! But he went back to internationally competitive World Championship Triathlons, winning 5 more races ..... even after being diagnosed as a diabetic as well ......

    Yep, shit sure happens.  Yeah, I was told the sugar thing & to drink BORAX of all things!!  We had cancer FFS - we weren't STUPID!!  

    To be honest,  I wasn't aware of 'that much' stress before my diagnosis .... we were just cruising along life's highway ..... then I hit the brick wall!   grrr

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    Retracted today. ‘Badly written, too
    many ideas lumped together in one sentence’. That’s why you need proof readers!! 
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    I drank too regularly all my life, but since cancer I haven’t wanted to. I’m really happy about that! It’s been the only concrete reason to stop and now I’ve broken the habit. So, thanks cancer 🙏🏻