Good-bye boob photos - your ideas?



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    Great idea 👌🏻👌🏻
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    How are you going @Friedeggs??  I hope all is good.

    Re the photos - Charolotte Tottman (the Psychologist who had BC) also had photos taken professionally & is very happy with them.  Hers were taken after surgery, from memory.... 
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    Hiya!!  I took a photo myself of me (with my hair starting to grow back) and my boobs.  But I also had my oldest friend help me make a cast of my boobs.  Am going to dress it up with some lace and ask a friend to paint it for me.  I have a picture of a tatt I want to do after my reconstruction.  Glad I did these!!
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    Well done @RenWood! That was VERY innovative!!  

    Feel free to do a separate post filling us in on your story so far ... it sounds like you've been thru a lot xx

    Have you joined the Private Reconstruction group?  You can chat about all things there - even put up pics if you are comfy with that - and get support from those who've had their reconstruction earlier. xx
    Just click on the 'join' button on this link:

    take care