Do I or don’t I ?



  • MicheleR
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    @Grandma of 7 thats fabulous. Glad everything going to plan. 
  • Grandma of 7
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    Thank you Michele R 💕
  • FLClover
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    Good on you 👏🏻 That’s very brave. It’s over now and you can heal and just get on with life ♥️
  • lrb_03
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    @Grandma of 7 you sound so at peace, having made your decision and had your surgery. I'm happy for you
    Best wishes for a smooth recovery
  • Zoffiel
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    I don't think anyone who hasn't done this can understand the sense of relief afterwards. It's not something you can communicate to someone who is struggling to make a decision.
    None of us want to be here and lopping off body parts is really nasty stuff. Ultimately, though, it's about survival. And sanity. Welcome to the 2MX club. Mxx
  • sooziqu
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    @Grandma of 7, so glad you are doing well and found that sense of peace you were looking for.  I opted for a DMX when I had cancer in just the left breast because I didn't want to spend the next 5 years waiting for the other breast to 'turn on me'.  I also wanted a diep flap reconstruction so it made sense to do both and have that symmetry.  The doctor didn't suggest it, I requested it 2 days before surgery.  After I brought it up he said it was a wise decision because I had a 30% higher chance of the right breast getting BC!  He didn't mention that at any time prior.  I did my own research and came to my own conclusion.  No looking back and completely happy I went the way I did.  Speedy recovery and see you out the other side!!!
  • Keeping_positive1
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    @Grandma of 7  so pleased for you, it sounds like you have found peace and that is a wonderful.  All the best with healing and moving forward, knowing you have done what is best for you.

    A decision well made in my opinion.  Take care.  
  • Mazbeth
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    Fantastic to hear you are doing well @Grandma of 7 - I too did the double mastectomy and felt the same way you feel. Take care and I am wishing you well for a great recovery.
  • patdug
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    @Grandma of 7 So glad you got through the operation and feeling good with your decision. take good care of yourself xxx....