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    I have a double whammy, bc plus dupuytrens disease which is rumoured to be alcohol related. My girlfriends husband saw me after I’d been to a plastic surgeon to do with my dupuytrens  that I must be an alcoholic ( he’s a doctor so is in the know)

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    No no no!  
    I do not drink alcohol and I have Dupuytren's Contracture.....
    Lots of reasons why......

    "Dupuytren's contracture - Better Health Channel"

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    Don’t drink still got breast cancer .My sister thinks maybe I need to take it up lol 
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    @iserbrown I know it’s genetic. Both my brothers have dupuytrens but my sister didn’t. I’m not sure of it in previous generations though.
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    @Greengirl, me too, BUMMER!
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    If I get a recurrence, I reckon it will because about 30% of us will get a recurrence anyway, irrelevant of the diagnosis/staging & the good outcome of your surgery & treatment - I don't really think it will because I am drinking, vegan or whatever .... 

    Having said that - everything in moderation is my 'catch cry' .... I enjoy a wine & the odd Bundy & Rum, even a beer now & then - but there may have been a few more Bundy's in recent months ..... Hubby's recurrence was definitely not due to booze. He's never been a drinker.

    I've got 2 buddies who've had serious Dupuytren's contracture (all successfully operated on & hands working fine now.). Both used their hands strenuously, one had a lifestyle change & became a therapeutic Masseur - and within 12 months, developed it really badly on his ring finger of one hand. They are the only ones in their family to have it too - but I suppose it has to start somewhere?  Same as my BC - I'm the only one in the immediate family to have it and as I don't have kids, won't be passing it on, that's one thing for sure!  I've recently heard that a first cousin was diagnosed last year too.

    @Jwrenn - is there a genetic test/chromosone that can identify the link in your family - specially as one sister doesn't have it?  Could be worth looking into if some medical person wants a research project?

    Take care, xx
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    I was diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture a few years ago - well before I had BC.  The medicos could not give me a definitive answer as to the cause but the family history of an Irish background (this could be the case as my immediate grandparents were from the UK) and possibly even diabetes were the likely cause. 
    At the time I was told a local priest, a heavy drinker, had it from his alcohol abuse and his hands were quite crippled.  As a result, I massage my hand regularly and try to make sure the fingers don't get bent. 😂
    I think there are older posts on Dupuytren's on here somewhere ....

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    @arpie there might be, but I’m more focused on the breast cancer. I have 2 first cousins with bc as well but different types. 
    @June1952 I’ve had surgery on my little finger and since then it came out in my palm, starting to  pull on my index finger. Originated as a lump on the bottom part of my pinkie finger before it started contracting a few years later.