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Company during Chemotherapy sessions.

AbbydogAbbydog SAMember Posts: 41
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I'm having Chemo privately in SA.
I haven't been allowed to have anyone with me, due to the policy on COVID. I started Chemo March 30th.
Is anyone else still experiencing this?  
It's been a very solo experience. I haven't been able to take a family member in when I see the Oncologist either.
It's been tough, but I have felt Safe. I hope my Chemo centre changes it's policy soon.


  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 33
    Hi, I started chemo 4th June in Brisbane and I am able to have one support person with me who is over age 16. Temp testing is done and the regular covid question. I have brought my husband with me to one and my 31yr son with me to My 2nd round. 
  • AbbydogAbbydog SAMember Posts: 41
    Thanks for your feedback. Looks like you may be having trouble sleeping, up at night.
    I have 7 more Taxel doses to have. Maybe there will be a change of policy soon.
  • GalMcBGalMcB Member Posts: 10
    I'm in Victoria and also haven't been allowed anyone with me for chemo (started 3 months ago), although allowed one support person for appointments with oncologist.
  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 46
    Hi, I'm in Victoria and I am allowed one support person with me to attend chemo sessions.  I have had 2 chemo sessions now.  @GalMcB are you private or public patient? in case that makes a difference? 
  • GalMcBGalMcB Member Posts: 10
    @Locksley I'm at a private hospital
  • AbbydogAbbydog SAMember Posts: 41
    Lochsley are you Private or Public? I'm a  private patient in a private unit in SA. I asked yesterday at Chemo, and was told that they would review in 3 weeks.
    I think the rules may only change when I'm almost finished, 5 weeks more Taxol to go.
    It has been a little lonely for 9 sessions so far.
  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 46
    I'm a public patient in a public hospital.   I am sorry that you are not allowed 1 support person.  This business is hard enough.  I Hope this  changes for you soon and you can both bring someone along.  xxx
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,966
    I chose to go to sessions on my own, but sometimes I ended up in fascinating conversations with the person next to me, who I might only see once. I think it’s important to respect people’s wish to be quiet and reflective, and you don’t really need to break into a full family gathering, but the occasional chat with a stranger can be rewarding if they enjoy it too. 
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