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Friends say the dumbest things



  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 90
    Wise words @Sister. Yes my friends and family are probably hurting more than me. It is scary for them and I realise they just want the best for me. This network is a great leveling really and I think it important that all feelings are checked and moderated by ourselves and others too. 
  • TillyBillyTillyBilly Greensborough Member Posts: 18
    when I was first diagnosed July 31st ‘19 my friends were supportive, but I think originally didn’t know what to say to help me. They were encouraging but I think worried about saying the wrong thing. It wasn’t until I brought the walls down & actually helped them to relax around me. After all the tears & sinking in of what we faced a head we decided it was time to be positive, & start smiling again. My husband who’s bald said to me, that if I did lose my hair he’d shave his off 😂 he did get a slap but it made me smile. We were out with our group of friends & I told them what he had said, which they all laughed from then on they knew I would have my good & bad days but they could speak to me about it either way. I started using the cold cap & I did have 1 friend say at least if you do lose your hair it will grow back! Hmmm! That’s the only1 none helpful comment I had. Another friend pulled her up on it. She ended up apologising & was one of my amazing support network. I think it helps for you to tear barriers down, that helped me & I found then nobody avoided me or talking to me & all asked how I was going. I had magazines, flowers, chocolates, home cooked meals for the family. I feel overwhelmed with the support I had.
    take care x
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