Questions to ask 'Post Surgery' of yourself - to your Specialists - Tick Sheets - Self assessment



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    Hi @Cora
    I hope you can talk to someone at  this time of need - your breast care nurse GP or the Breast Cancer Network helpline.
    This is a time of intense emotional and psychological trauma and it would really be beneficial to talk it out with someone.
    Take  care 🌺
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    Tick Sheets to 'self assess' in between seeing your Medical Team ....... 

    I am bumping this one to the top again - a set of 'tick sheets' to print off & fill in before you go to your specialists (on Page 1 - click on the 'downloads' down the bottom.)

    The first one is the BC handbook from the Cancer Council, so no need to print that one off.

    Print off 2 copies of the Tick Sheets & fill one in for your specialist as well - and in the meeting, tick them off as each item is discussed (make notes on it as well.)

    I hope you are travelling well at the moment

    take care
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    These are fantastic! Thank you x