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Questions to ask 'Post Surgery' of yourself - to your Specialists - Tick Sheets - Self assessment



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    Scroll back to the first post of this discussion by @arpie.   At the end of that first post are 4 documents that you can download.   The second one is titled Questions to ask post cancer 
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    Bumping this one so everyone sees it again .... I have my Year 4 MG/US and check with my Rad Onc next month ..... so will be going thru these docs myself, to see what I want to raise with her.

    I hope everyone is going well in this ad world we live in.

    Take care xx

    Make sure you click the docs AT THE BOTTOM of the post - the ones 'in the post' are just sample pages. xx

    Print them off & tick or write in your concerns .... and take them with you!!  Do 2 copies - one for you & one for the Drs.
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    thank you @arpie.

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