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October get together !



  • iserbrowniserbrown Member Posts: 5,207
    Whoops!  Hope you are okay @Blossom1961 - just a brain fade?
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,012
    @iserbrown I am fine. I just need to remember to pull my head in sometimes. Not everyone, actually very few people, like an organised freak. I am atrocious but I am working on it. Thanks for your concern.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Member Posts: 5,207
    Take care and look after you
    It's a huge deal this BC and it all takes time physically and emotionally 
    Nothing wrong with being organized.....someone has to be!
  • tigerbethtigerbeth Member Posts: 537
    Hi Ladies 

    Sorry I've been slack arranging this , we haven't had to many affirmative replies as yet , so if you want to join us please let us know , everyone welcome & the more the merrier !
    At this stage I think if everyone makes their own arrangements regarding bookings etc … 
    If anyone has suggestions of where to stay , share apartments or anything else please let us know.
    Look forward to hearing from you all.
  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 391
    I won't be able to make it this time Beth, sorry . Have a great time !

  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,012
    Two months to go! I am coming even though I will be starting a new job. Non negotiable, I am having the time off! Let us know where people will be staying if staying in Melbourne so we can be in the same vicinity at least. Very excited. 
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    Scott Silven, illusionist and mentalist, is on at the Spiegeltent in Saturday (5pm) and Sunday (2pm). Tickets are $59, concession $49. 15% discount for bookings of 3 or more, happy to do the necessary if people are interested. 
  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    Not for me @Afraser, but I'll have a drink with you beforehand!
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    Bit pricey and not entirely my cup of tea, but just letting everyone know. Catching up somewhere else for lunch/dinner/drink is probably what we are all looking for.
  • ArtferretArtferret Member Posts: 259
    I'm going to have to pull out , Beth, having thought i was free that weekend but then found i am not and no where near Melbourne either. Damn. Did think of an activity or two though,  but i don't know how much it costs, a chocolate tour round the city plus for those who are into spooky things a ghost tour round the Melbourne cemetery.  Have fun.
  • LIttleBlueWrenLIttleBlueWren Member Posts: 83
    I'd love to come to Melbourne for a weekend and meet up.  I am happy to do whatever is planned, I have never really been to Melbourne before. I live in Brisbane so would fly down Friday night or Saturday morning and then return Sunday night.
  • LIttleBlueWrenLIttleBlueWren Member Posts: 83
    Please let me know where everyone is staying as I would like to book accom and flights as soon as I can.  Thanks

  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,012
    @LittleBlueWren Awesome! I will be moving soon but have booked in to travel the three hours back to meet up with these lovelies. It will be great to meet you.
  • LIttleBlueWrenLIttleBlueWren Member Posts: 83
    @Blossom1961 I am looking forward to meeting you as well. 
    Any suggestions on where to stay? I'd like to stay near where we will all meet up if possible.

  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    I think we're mostly looking at City based activities @LittleBlueWren. So anywhere central or within a 5km radius on a tram or train line would be handy I reckon.

    I was talking about this weekend with a friend who gave me a couple of nice hotel recommendations for the City. They are quite pricey though. But if you're looking for a treat, DM me and I'll passthem on. K xox
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