No reconstruction after double mast



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    Hi @Marketta
    As most have said it is such a personal decision and you will know what is right for you. I had a single mastectomy in April with no reconstruction and am waiting to see my surgeon in October for a check up and to discuss having my other breast removed no reconstruction as soon as I can which will probably be after chemo finishes next year. I had chemo first prior to surgery and found that gave me time to think about what I wanted pros and cons etc, and I just knew that I didn't want anything foreign in my body more that what I was already kind of having and didn't want the risk of anything more going wrong or having to have further surgery for things to be removed etc.
    I don't think I have ever really been attached to my breasts if that makes sense, I don't feel like I will be any less of who I am with them gone. If I had a smaller breast size I may have considered not having the other one removed and would just get on with the prosthesis and one breast but I am a C/D cup and would rather just go flat and also reduce any risk no matter how small that risk may be. 
    I wish you luck and all the best making the decision that is right for you xx 
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    All the best for your surgery, @Vix1963

    If you join the reconstruction group, there should be an array of pics to check out .... but if you have a look here, you can check out the tattoos that many others have had done.

    The 2nd one (almost the full chest with shoulder straps) is quite well known & rather stunning!

    Take care & all the best xx