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I'm not a very nice person.  I get so irritable and irritated lately...actually, just plain angry, and feel as if I could bite someone.  I have no patience with people doing their jobs poorly (because, of course, I'm so perfect).  I was heading into grumpy old/middle-aged womandom before BC but, far out, I've exceeded all expectations.  I'm wondering if it's lack of oestrogen or just plain bad temper.


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    From Dr Google, if this helps!

    Common symptoms of low estrogen include:
    • painful sex due to a lack of vaginal lubrication.
    • an increase in urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to a thinning of the urethra.
    • irregular or absent periods.
    • mood swings.
    • hot flashes.
    • breast tenderness.
    • headaches or accentuation of pre-existing migraines.
    • depression.
    Also from Dr Google 

    "As women age and approach menopause, it is normal for estrogen levels to drop."

    - so it also depends on where you are at peri, post or past menopause.  One thing is you have recognised your concern so how to go about fixing it so you can feel happier in yourself and those around you

    Best wishes with your research

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    Hey @Sister,

    How long have you been on HT now?   Before BC  I was a very even tempered person, a she'll be right kinda girl, rarely got upset about much. I ask because about 8-10 months after I started I was a bit ferfal as far as moods go and zero patience at all. Scared my family I think LOL.  They just weren't used to it. It's strange that we never thought about how good those hormones were and how much they do for you until they're gone.
    It is levelling out and my patience is back but it took a while. 

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    Message sent.

    The Book 'Wisdom of Menopause' is a great read - I recognised my very angry self in the very first page!  You can get it in ebook, audiobook or real book.  I loaned it to someone & never got it back!   Links here:  the wisdom of menopause

    The only things on @iserbrown  list that I didn't get was the Migraines & the UTIs .... but I reckon I could add about another 5 major symptoms tho!  The rage (not just anger,) lack of tolerance of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, disinterest in a lot of things, totally disturbed sleep patterns and god knows how many other shit symptoms.

    Take care xx
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    As i found out when i did a bit of digging oestrogen has its finger in a lot of places in our body far beyond our reproductive system. So being thrown into HT, add chemo to mix for some, it comes as no surprise when these things rear their growly heads. I rarely was moody before bc, now it's more often as well stressing over stupidly minor things. I'm pinning my hopes on time being the healer and also getting off this damn drug...3 and a half years to go and counting...
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    You can check out quite a few pages from The Wisdom of Menopause here:

    They have lots of pages 'not available' (as it is just a review) - but hopefully you will find a few areas of interest (from the massive index) that may interest you!

    Pages 3 & 4 were the ones that defined exactly how I felt as I started Menopause over 20 years ago!!

    The good thing is - it DOES NOT LAST - you will get over it - even tho it took me 10 years to get completely thru natural menopause!  

    Simultaneously - I got bunions on my feet & my arthritis (in my hands in particular) was exacerbated.  grrr (and made worse again by my current meds.)
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    Everyone certainly is different. I feel as though I am a much nicer person post PMT, migraine headaches, stress. Post menopause and AIs are nothing.
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    Brilliantly said as usual @Afraser.
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    I find myself less angry and more empathetic, most of the time anyway! I agree with @Afraser, I find I have to call on reserves of patience when dealing with people who haven't had the wake up call. Sometimes this causes me to disengage from conversations.

    My psychologist thinks I do have some anger and says I have to find a healthy way to let it out; one that doesn't hurt me or those around me. Is there something you can channel it into @Sister?
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    Pinched from @iserbrown  ;)  

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    Haha - I was just googling about menopause. @Sister You are definitely not alone - I find myself most days going between anxiety, anger and feeling like I’m about to burst into tears. I’m sick of myself. 
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    Our post BC feelings are so complex and confusing. Exactly one year on Femara now, a month or two ago I was fizzing with determination to make the best of everything and achieve at least a few life goals, now I couldn't care less and am sure nothing good is on the horizon. Made the mistake of rereading my path report and can't believe how miserable and defeated I am feeling. @Sister, wanting to bite people mightnt be so bad! Maybe it's a kind of BC-zombie syndrome.