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Reflux and shampoo for Cold Cap Chemo



  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,871
    I had TC on a three weekly cycle, with the cold cap for the first two cycles. My hair started falling out on Day 13. Are you having AC @Belgrave14?

    With a name like that, are you in the Puffing Billy area?! Beautiful part of the world! K xox
  • BlondyBlondy Ruse Member Posts: 208
    Hi Lissie. I had the cold cap. A no sulphate shampoo is recommended  I already use a no sulphate shampoo anyway which is the Vira Five CPR  They have a range in the CPR to suit. Personally I love the one for coloured hair. I suffered with reflux for many years and when I finally found a specialist who diagnosed this  which is now a floating hiatus hernia it turns out that the breast surgeon I chose happens to work out of the same rooms. I take Pariet daily and there are times when even Pariet can't help any more than it does so I always have Quickeeze in all my bags  next to the bed, and in the cupboard. Not the hard ones that turn to yukky gritty paste in the mouth but the chewy ones  They have a mint or a wild Berry flavour  Works instantly for me. Also with the cold cap it's an unknown as to how much hair you'll shed. I had long hair and it shed quite a bit  the crown and temples more than the rest . 2 months after chemo finished I got my husband to clipper my hair off leaving it about an inch all over. It's been a year and it is so curly. Wishing you a good recovery 
  • LissieLissie Geelong VictoriaMember Posts: 13
    Hi @Belgrave14
    Sorry for the late response. 
    I had AC and it was once every three weeks with four treatments of scalp cooling. 
    I probably started to shed hair in the first three weeks but only small amounts but found l shed more once combing wet hair, so l tried leaving washing to once a week.
    I have now finished chemo and l think I've kept maybe 95 per cent of my hair but l was very very lucky.
    I've lost all hair on my body and most of my eyebrows and eyelashes but I'm told that l should have hair start growing back in the next 4-6 weeks.
    Hope this helps you and if you want to know anything else please contact me again or you can write your own post to get a specific answer.
    Goodluck and healthly healing to you.
    Lissie x
  • Belgrave14Belgrave14 Member Posts: 30
    Sorry, I haven’t been around much to read/reply, I was pretty low after my second chemo. Kmakm, the Belgrave is a throwback to my Irish roots though I like the sound of a Puffing Billy area! Thanks for the response Lissie, I started losing handfuls of hair at the weekend which was something else making me feel bad but my oncologist said on Tuesday that without the cold cap it would probably all be gone by now so I will keep going and hope for the best. The good news from him is that clinically I seem to be doing well with the Chemo and my immune system is good - I am heading to Melbourne from Sydney at the weekend and was a bit worried about flight germs so that has made me feel better. Good thoughts to all xx 
  • LissieLissie Geelong VictoriaMember Posts: 13
    Hi @Belgrave14
    Keep persisting with the cold capping and just be as gentle as possible with your hair.
    I had my chemo on Tuesdays and usually up all night from the steriods and then on a high tlll Thursday, then l felt pretty terrible by Friday through till Tuesday but you will get through it. Hopefully you have good family support around you.
    The online journey tool is really good to help you with questions you might have and remember family and friends can call the BCNA phone line as well if they need someone to talk to.
    Keep your chin up.
    Thinking of you.

  • Belgrave14Belgrave14 Member Posts: 30
    Sorry for the slow response Lissie, I appreciate you taking the time. Third session yesterday was horrible, I think due to patch  scalp. Am waiting to see what happens in the next two  weeks and will make a call then. 
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