A bit naughty - but funny!!! Show us your 'naughty ones'! Please note some posts may offend.



  • tigerbeth
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    Love the naughties !
    @Sister it just dawned on me , my memory has been shit lately even though most stuff is in my phone , its probably the BC
    & Letrozole !! Now what was I going to do ????
  • Annie C
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    Oh arpie, you've done it again!

    Just about wet myself laughing at your 2 latest ones.

    I recognised myself in your "Lunch With Girlfriends". I shall read this to the "Ladies Who Lunch On Thursdays" group (that's what we are known as in town). 

    Keep them coming. 
  • arpie
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    @Annie C    @tigerbeth - I am so glad you are enjoying them!!   I have HUNDREDS more ...... be warned!  ;) 

    LOL  ...   I think we can all see a bit of ourselves or our girlfriends/sisters in the poem!   ;)  

    I usually only put up the ones that make ME laugh out loud too!  (or nearly wet myself!  LOL) 

    Feel free to add any of your own that you reckon are hilarious or just dead funny too!   ;) 

  • arpie
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    Oh dear - this one is a bit dark ..... but most likely, TRUE!  :( 

  • iserbrown
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    Nuh!  Not funny
  • arpie
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  • kmakm
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    Very funny! My husband would benefit from some of those classes, but not all. He's very good at finding things, except in the fridge  :D
  • arpie
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    edited November 2018
    Keith isn't too bad on one or two of the top lot ...... Not sure about the 2nd lot tho!  And I can parallel park MUCH BETTER than Keith!  ;)