A bit naughty - but funny!!! Show us your 'naughty ones'! Please note some posts may offend.



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    @Sister, your welcome.  :) 
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    Love it!!
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    LOVE THEM @SoldierCrab.  LOL. Those are CLASSIC!!  
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    I'm going to use that last one.  I'm lucky if I can remember my own name these days!
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    Me three, @Sister   ;)     I enjoy finding funny ones - the ones that make me laugh out loud often make it onto this thread!   ;)  I really like the one 2 above it too - about friends keeping secrets!   ;) 

    Keith's twin brother has arrived today to spend the weekend with Keith whilst I am away fishing for the weekend!  His wife was scared he'd get lost as it took a train & bus journey to get here form Sydney!!  He managed it fine!!  ;)  GOD only knows what they'll get up to whilst I am away!!  ;)   They are both 'ex' triathletes .... and very competitive between each other!   SO funny to watch!!

    I will be out of touch by phone as it is in a dam, deep in the valley - so hope they manage OK!  Got the fridge stocked up to take care of them!  :) 

    Fingers crossed I can find some nice bass!   ;)  (I don't want to donut!!)