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Are you a breast cancer survivor who happens to be childless?



  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,955
    Go for it Janet. Start a blog. Take it slow, seek IT support here, surely someone has the knowledge. If not them, then surely their kid! I know several women here mention their blogs from time to time.

    Have a look at blogs you like and identify the qualities that appeal. Don't launch until you're ready and see how you go.

    You might like to talk to @traveltext. He's forged ahead with advocacy for his breast cancer 'subset'. He may have some advice for you.

    Let your passion fuel you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!  :)
  • annsanannsan Member Posts: 46
    @Janet A I am pleased that you felt the same about Jody as I did.  I was rather disappointed.  I really like your idea of a blog and I think you would be very good at it....seriously!  It's obvious in your writings on here that you are a very intelligent, articulate woman with something to say.  I too know about the smashed self confidence, so I hear you.  I can't believe that cut backs have left you (and others) feeling alone, this is not good enough.  I will see what I can find out about childlessness and bc and let you know.  As you say, if you can get some support you can offer it to others and I think that goes for most of us.  After all, we are the ones with the "hands on" experience.  Please don't give up on the blog idea, I am right behind you or I can be beside you if you prefer. Perhaps one day you will be addressing a conference with your knowledge and wisdom to help others in our situation? Stick with this @Janet A it's the right thing to do. Regards Ann
  • annsanannsan Member Posts: 46
    @Janet A ok now I feel completely stupid, I could blame chemo brain but maybe that's a cop out this time? I was going to PM you if that is ok, but I can't work out how to do it.......how embarrassment!! The more I scratch my head with frustration, the more hair I am losing and my keyboard is covered in it. :D  Help please!
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, hugs to the two of you sincerely. I might print this out and stick it next to my computer! It's one to travel along childless in this world and two, to be a bc survivor to boot. Perhaps I can privately bounce ideas of you Ann and @kmakm ?
    I even produced some little illustrations of women in beautiful dresses some with hair and some without in watercolour. Wanting to do something with them. Here is borne an idea, I have the bones of a blog and named it snapshot on life as it encompasses lots of different people with the name, I am going to see if I can section it off for different subjects or have one that is separate. I want to help others for sure. 
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Well I've ust had my B12 shot so I am only marginally better!
    Click on my name and on the right side is a menu, click on inbox, that is what they have called private messenging x 

  • annsanannsan Member Posts: 46
    Thank you @Janet A for riding in on the white horse when I was the damsel in distress, literally pulling her hair out! You can bounce ideas off me anytime you like.  I hope I can be of some help. I  too, want to help people and feel encouraged to do so. Having the bones means you are more than halfway there.  Perhaps between the three of us @Janet A and @kmakm we can make a difference? I will be back on line later and will (attempt) to PM you then, if you don't mind? Regards, Ann
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,955
    Very happy to be PMd at any time @JanetA and @annsan, and to help in any way possible!  :)
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Thank you Ann and @kmakm I will put my thinking cap on and get back to you. Rest up Ann its a good thing x 
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,813
    @Janet A My blog is through WordPress. I've got mine private which just means that it doesn't necessarily come up in searches. If someone comments, I can accept them or not. But I think you can opt to have it public.
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Good to know @Sister
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,205
    @Janet A, I follow a lot of Wordpress blogs, so hopefully wouldn't be too hard to set up. Would certainly follow, if you started writing. Would be more than happy to be a "test reader"
  • BlackWidowBlackWidow Lake GardensMember Posts: 208
    Hello @Janet A   My friend and I have been reading your responses today.  We agree that a private group is the way to go. Those with offspring may throw their pennies worth in or get on their high horse but they do not know our specific issues when it comes to support etc. (as much as they think they do). As my friend said, she would not be adding her totally honest tuppence worth in an open forum. We need the emotional support of others in the same situation and perhaps ideas of physical support when alone (my husband has flown off with the angels) as neither of us had any extended family. Yes, some ladies may not have supportive kids but maybe they have a partner or they have some supportive kids or siblings etc. Good luck with whatever way you go with this and thank you for raising the issue. Hopefully BCNA will start a private group for us childless ladies. Anne
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Cheers Anne, after thinking about it, best to go private as you say. The whole reason for starting this post was to seek support from others in my position. Thanks for your input. 
    I have heard from a mediator who suggested a public forum as a sense of education for others?
    It does highlight the troubles we childless women have with the lack of support available to us and how difficult it is to go public about these sensitive stories and feelings. 
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    arpie said:
    @Giovanna_BCNA    @Sister   @AllyJay   @Janet A      @annsan    @kmakm

    And it is Letrozole for me!!  Surprising .... as only Tamoxifen had been mentioned up til now.  I'll be reading up on Letrozole now instead of Tamoxifen!  This one compares the two ....... being 65 in a week or so - and VERY post menopausal .... (with 10 years of really SHIT menopause symptoms finally finishing 10 years ago - I started at 45 .....) it will be very interesting to see how I go with the hot flushes & other symptoms specifically raised with the Letrozole ...

    I had my bloods done end of last week - and my Vit D & everything else is pretty good, but my cholesterol wasn't 'terrific' - so I need to go back onto statins again (I'd taken myself off if during radiation ... so now have to go back onto it!  :(   Not THAT happy as I didn't like the 'memory defects' the statins gave me - but accept that it will be better for me long term to be back on it, given how the AIs may affect me!  :(  )    

    I'll be having a bone density test done over the next 6 weeks before my next Onc visit ......

    Interesting that you mention Vit B12, @Janet A  - as mine was rather low last year & I am now on 3 monthly injections.  My other half is also on it, as he can't 'make it' any more after the removal of most of his stomach in 2010 from stomach cancer .... so we are Vit B12 twins now!  Hopefully one day, we'll be able to co-ordinate our injections!  So far .... they are different dates!

    Many thanks for your interest in my 'journey' ... not that I really 'like' that term ...... but I also don't like 'battle' that much either!!   What a ditherer!!!   LOL

    Love what you wrote here @arpie its a 'track' we take isn't it. I have vit B12 every fortnight. 10 years of menopause, wow. 
    I had symptoms at 31, went on a bit of hrt with estrogen, can't have that now.....hot flushes in the tropics brings on a whole new meaning! Let me tell you! Some days I am sure my face is just going to pop off my head. I have to be mindful of keeping out of the heat in the hottest part of the day, that means 11 am till dark lol, on the worst build up days. Drink more water than a small island nation to keep hydrated to keep other symptoms at bay. Life's a challenge but we are here right! 
  • Janet AJanet A Member Posts: 266
    Statistically, breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. I found this interesting that 1 in 8 women are childless by choice, circumstance.
    After a discussion with one of our breast care nurses on Friday, awareness of this statistic was discussed. It is heartwarming to see change happening, childlessness being included in the narrative of breast cancer and hearing a certain sensitivity toward childless women when invited to support groups. 
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