Aux node clearance tomorrow

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Feeling very scared.  Had my right mastectomy on the 1/6 with sentinel node biopsy..two nodes positive.  I went into the first op feeling positive, but now I feel tomorrow will just give more bad news.  Hard to go in with any positive thoughts at all.  Any info on what I can expect recovery wise?  Also how long do I wait before I know what "stage" Im at.  The thought of my possible treatment from here is numbing 


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    All the best for tomorrow @LisaO. I hope you can get some sleep. It's such a stressful time. This was the most difficult time for me. I had to wait a few days to find out my results I think. I had 5 positive nodes and it's almost 3 years and I'm cancer free. Get through this part and it will get easier. Take it day by day, even hour by hour sometimes. I don't think it took too long to recover from the auxiliary clearance.  I had a mastectomy at the same time. Thinking of you. My doctor said to me that stages and grades of cancer are just averages. We are all individuals and this was comforting to me. This community of lovely ladies is here to talk if you have any questions.
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    The recovery itself should be fine. Jist be mindful that once you have lymph nodes removed your risk of lymphodema rises. So no more blood pressure, blood tests or needle in that arm.
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    All the best for tomorrow LisaO.
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    Lisa, sending positive vibes, you'll do great today! you won't get results immediately, it takes a little time, so it's just another step in the road, check it off your list and look after you, nurture you and some R & R. The rest will take care of itself, once you get path results you will have a clearer direction, the more you know the less you fear I believe. You'll be ok xx Melinda
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    Lets hope you get the news I got and that 18 nodes removed were all negative. <3