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  • DeanneDeanne Sunshine Coast QldMember Posts: 2,150

    My tip would be to start small. Aim to achieve something really small, something easy. Then when you achieve that it gives you the energy to achieve the next small thing and so on. For a number of months after I finished 'active' treatment I would reach a point each day where I just needed to rest. Sometimes 20 minutes was enough but I just could not keep going otherwise.

    Do more of what you enjoy, limit the things you don't. I also found that doing some form of exercise helped. Sometimes I would set off to do just a short 15 minute walk but end up doing more because I enjoyed it once I got going. 

    Recovery takes time and you need to be very kind to yourself. It is frustrating :s but remember your body has been through a lot and it needs some TLC. Reward yourself for every little step you take. Before you know it you will be feeling that energy returning. The kinder you are to yourself the more quickly you will get there!  :)
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 502
    That is so beautiful @Ne !!! :heart::star:
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,790
    Oh my favourite flower at this time of year - Ne you have done a wonderful job! 
    Take care xx
  • wendy_h67wendy_h67 Member, Dragonfly Posts: 466
    You will feel exhausted after radiation treatment and if you have been through chemo as well your body needs time to recover. Having a rest each day and eating a healthy diet as I guess you have heard this all before. I was one to never find time to rest but lately I have had to do just that and I'm  finding it make a differents. Some times its hard to stop thinking about what else I could be doing.  I love your art work, I would love to be able to draw but I do have a go I find it relaxing. Love Wendy
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,409
    Wow Ne...love it
  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,773
    Ne, that is truly glorious!!! Xx
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,790
    Wow how good are they!
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 502
    If you DM me your address I can mail you a pack if you like @iserbrown :heart:
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,790
    Woo hoo thank you!
  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 829
    Knitting is my sanity and happy place. It obeys all the rules...follow the pattern carefully..right needles, right amount of stitches, right amount of rows and so on, and the result is 100% predictable. No nasty surprises!. When my mind is whirling with all the s**t by body is dishing up, I pick up my needles and peace returns. A detailed lacework pattern with all its knit one, slip one, pass slipped stitch over and the like, soon takes over my internal dialogue. No more room for all the negative " why... what if... what next...?" that my traitorous breast can trigger. If chemo brain is in full swing, and concentration is beyond me, well then, just a plain bit of mindless ploughing up and down the rows with plain stitches is the answer for me. Not too sure how and if photos can be added to the Creative site.

  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,790
    Hi Ally - there is an icon where you can upload a photo when you are writing a post, it's the 9th one along. just before the align left icon.

    I am with you when it comes to knitting.  I am presently making socks for an exhibition and I might upload a photo when I finish. 

    I admire the paintings and drawings that everyone does. One of my sisters is really good at it but my ability in that regard is limited to painting by the numbers..........do you remember those or am I showing my age?

  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 829
    Hi iserbrown, thanks for the info regarding photos. I'm a total Luddite when it comes to the computer, so I'll probably have to wait for my Bearded One, or my daughter to walk me through it. I also cannot draw or paint at all. When my son was little (he's now 35), I remember once him asking me to draw a dog, then a cat, horse, cow mouse and so on. After the menagerie was produced, he rather plaintively complained, "But Mummy, they all look the same". I pointed out that each animal had a head, body, tail and four legs, and asked (with a chuckle) what more he wanted.

  • Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Member Posts: 1,158
    Hi Ally, we have a conversation in the "General" category called "The what and how" so maybe this may help you out - click here :)
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