Ran in the Bridge to Brisbane

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just wanted to give all the newly diagnosed some hope.  August 2015 I had a mastectomy and axillary clearance.  Had 6 TAC chemo, then radiation then three weeks in hospital with an infected seroma.  Finally off medication in May 2016 and started running.  For me it was something to focus on.  A couple of weeks ago I ran  5 k in the bridge to Brisbane.  I'm feeling great and hoping to stay that way.  
Hang in there to all the newly diagnosed.  It's all shit but we are lucky to live in a country with such good healthcare and I'm hoping to be one of those who have no recurrence.  


  • socoda
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    Well done OldDuck, that's fantastic!!!  Excellent that you're feeling so good and thank you for sharing your story. Great inspiration. :)  
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    Yes! I have been so endlessly thankful for Medicare. It's cost me tens of thousands so far and I don't want to imagine what the bill would have been without it. Thank you for sharing.
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    Thank-you for sharing this. It is pretty amazing how, after everything we go through, our bodies can recover and we can feel great again. I agree that setting yourself some goals like this can give you something to focus on. We also really need to acknowledge our achievements and share them with others who truly understand how important they are. Well done, I know this would have taken some real consistent hard work and effort but feeling great is the reward! 

    Hope you continue to feel this great and have more successes to share with us in the future.  :)
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    Very inspiring post Old Duck - that's fantastic :) 
    You've inspired me to get my running shoes back out & just do it!! 
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    Well done Old Duck, I am a runner as well.

    I do 5km each Saturday morning at parkrun - its worldwide, you might find one near you & its free. I continued parkrunning right thru Chemo as well as working full-time, not always easy but I am stubborn & I refused to give up. Then after getting a PB soon after the end of treatment I decided to compete in Run Melbourne, now I am registered for City@Sea.

    The parkrunning community where a lifeline to me thru Chemo along with my husband, boys & dogs.
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    Thank you so much for sharing, it gives me more strength.  I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer Sept 2016,  also had TAC chemo could only handle five as I got pneumonitis and had a few weeks in hospital .  I have had just had lateral mastectomy in Jan 2017 and am about to commence radiation! I looked forward to getting back into things I enjoy!! 
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    Good on you.  I have taken up running again after way too many years.  It's such a stress release and makes you feel in control of your health.  Keep up the good work.