Aesthetic flat closure surgeons melbourne

Hi all, just wanting to see if anyone has has aesthetic flat closure and can recommend any surgeons in Melbourne. I currently have implants after mastectomy and wishing to go flat. Thank you


  • Fernweh
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    I don't have any recommendation unfortunately,, but wanted to jump in (although very late!) and give you my support. I love being flat and I hope you have found a good surgeon that will support your choice and give you the flat chest you want and deserve!

    I don't have an aesthetic flat closure as the cleavage bits have been left for possible future remonstration, but they are no bother and I think could easily be 'fixed' in the future. My surgeon here has done a great job and my scars/chest are pretty smooth.
  • arpie
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    I hope you've found yourself a good surgeon for your aesthetic flat closure ...... tho if you haven't yet - someone else had asked a similar question a while back & I found myself thinking 'outside of the square' - and suggested they look at plastic surgeons who do 'trans' surgeries ... eg Female to Male ..... I would think that their clients would be very particular in having an aesthetic flat closure ..... so it could well be worth pursuing a line of enquiry?  

    Take care & all the best xx
  • LauraMarie
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    Hi Arpie and Ferweh, thank you for your posts and information. I have found 2 good surgeons (1 public and 1 private) so just taking some time to decide. Hope you are both well and thank you again
  • arpie
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    All the best in your decision making, @LauraMaria xx

  • Vix1963
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    hi everyone 
    just finished 6 months chemo, DMX scheduled for Oct 6- was initially getting DIEP flap but after soul searching and research decided on going flat- I spoke with my surgeon and told him my decision - which he feels is wise based on my recent health(2 strokes, hole in heart repair and chemo all in last 12 mths)
    my concern is he hasn’t heard of AFC and I truly would like a one op no more., smooth no dog ears operation. Should I insist on having a plastic surgeon do the AFC?
    My breast surgeon is Dr Wei Amin OOI at Austin hosp Melbourne. Anybody else have reviews on his work? ,