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Metastatic breast cancer

lmjoneslmjones Member Posts: 2 New Member
Hi everyone I’ve been living with this since 2017 and I’m having treatment which is herceptin and perjeta every three weeks! Lately I’ve developed itchy skin on my arms but no visable rash, I’ve tried so many different creams etc but it hasn’t helped! I’m frustrated to say the least! I use QV wash and moisturiser and my oncologist has referred me to dermatologist in a month! Has anyone else had this problem? Louise 


  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,012
    Hi @Loumjones I was on Herceptin and started getting itchy skin around ten months in. I took Claratyne the morning of my treatment and then used moogoo after. Mine stayed under control but we are all different.
  • PV123PV123 Member Posts: 202
    Hi @Loumjones

    i had very itchy skin on herceptin, I used to take anti histamines which made it better. I also used to apply betadine to the rashes because I have sensitive skin and get frequent skin infections so I was worried that frequent itching would cause a break in the skin causing infection.  The betadine helped with the itching.  I did notice that applying any sort of moisturiser helped as well.  Good luck, hoping that helps.
  • lmjoneslmjones Member Posts: 2 New Member
    thanks ladies I’ve tried all sorts of moisturiser so will definitely try these new things 
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