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Hi ladies long time no speak,  I hope you are all well and finding some happiness in one form or another.
i have just read some of my own posts from last year, omg things have sure changed since 2017.
it was my second year july 4th don't know where the time has gone, my doctor was very happy with me and I disscused the pain I still had constant 24/7 . Not a problem he said we can is that so I went on Endone now I'm on Pregabalin which seems to be helping it blocks the pain.
i have stopped lazer and I have a normal massage which I think has helped, still get this cramp grabbing pain that comes across my breast that comes from under my arm pit, sorry to much crap lol.
it gas taken a while but I think things are getting better so keep going things will get better over time
chow for now xox


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    Hi there. Glad things are going well. 
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    Hello back to you @Cowgirl1
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    Any forward step is a good step @Cowgirl1
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    Hi all,
    It has been a 4yrs since I have been on hear, 5 years this year ! things have been going ok, had a scare last year monthly mammogram. 
    Had this white stuff showing up on my scar, so to make sure it wasn’t anything else I had to have a vaccine assisted core biopsy. Omg never ever want that again and it brought everything back from day one being diagnosed, had a cry my surgeon he’s just great. Anyway it came back scar tissue, I hate this !!! Now I’m on tender hooks when I have to have another yearly check.
    I had a work mate pass from breast cancer 4yrs ago now it was only a few months be fore I got diagnosed she had metastatic shocking I still don’t know how she dragged her self into work every day. Now I know of three other women at my work that have BC in some form , and one I work with.  You never get rid of the emotional side it slaps me in the face so many times just like it did today.
    Anyway hope you are all going forward please don’t give up and if your not happy with things , doctors, how your being treated change it please, you deserve nothing but he best in life see ya soon oxox
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    @Cowgirl1  .... i had similar scarring that required a biopsy on my 1 year anniversary .... and it scared me shitless as it took 6 weeks to arrange the biopsy .... I am so happy for you that yours too wasn’t anything to worry about ....  Sorry to hear of your workmate’s passing :( 

    Yes, we need to be ever vigilant and keep on top of any new symptoms. :( 

    take care, stay well xx
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    Thank you ❤️