Diagnosed 2 days ago



  • Caroline71
    Caroline71 Member Posts: 17
    I know what you mean
    i am the same, in limbo waiting to see the surgeon and oncology after all the scans 
    all the waiting is hard as you have no idea what is going to happen first 
  • Anne65
    Anne65 Member Posts: 425
    @Caroline71 Gently does it. One day & step at a time. I guess everyone if effected differently by certain drugs so I'm sorry to hear you are feeling "ugh" from your medication. Fingers crossed it settles down. Let us know how you get on Friday after you visit the gyny. Hang in there my lovely. We are all riding the train with you. Try not to get too overwhelmed & over think things that may eventuate in the future. Focus on looking after yourself & dealing with what you do know from your tests....easier said than done! Love & hugs.xx
  • Caroline71
    Caroline71 Member Posts: 17
    Thank you Anne,
    very wise words.
    Thank you for your support, it really makes a difference.
    Hopefully it will settle down once my body adapts to it 😊
    Hope you are enjoying your day xx