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Why I Support Cannabis Law Reform



  • melclarity
    melclarity Member Posts: 3,487
    @positive3negative what a well read, well informed and researched post, THANK YOU! and I agree just because youve been in law enforcement, I honestly wouldnt think that its standard that all Officers oppose this sort of thing at all. I also have a brother who has smoked Cannabis for 30years, I have also seen personally more negative than positive. HOWEVER, you are correct and the thing is Cannabis Oil is a little different to smoking a bong!! for medicinal purposes, and Ive known people who do that. Its not quite how it works. I totally believe that YES it does help with SOME Cancers but not all, and beyond that other illnesses too. I think it would be great to see it able to be used in those instances. Especially with terminally ill people in pain. Great Piece thanks!! xo Melinda 
  • Brenda5
    Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
    The oil blend thing undergoes some sort of modification which eliminates the addictiveness and the "high" feeling. Done correctly it is purely medicinal. At least for those in palliative care who cannot take morphine we need a speedy legislation for the oil for them.
  • suzieq
    suzieq Member Posts: 332
    I was once told a person who smokes cannabis won't get head or neck cancers.  So, what does that tell you?

    However, on the flip side my son (unbeknown to me) started smoking dope at age 13 and he went on to develop mental illness.  He and my family have had to go through over 20 "schedules" into a mental heallth facility since age 17.  He is now on a disability support pension, his life in ruins.  This was a kid with an extremely bright future.  

    If there is a propensity in your background for mental illness then you are playing Russian Roulette smoking cannabis.  All the years spent in and out of mental facilities talking to Psychiatrists tell me you can have 10 kids sitting around smoking a joint - one will have a psychotic experience.  

    Having said that I agree the drug should be legalised.  You won't stop kids smoking it and trying other drugs.  All that can be hoped for is that if legalised it would be grown properly so less harmful substances. Money raised would go towards education much the same that happened with tobacco. 

    Kids have grown up with the tobacco campaign so it is rare to see young people smoking tobacco but quite happily smoke cannibus and drop E drugs before going out for the night as they see it as harmless.

    So yes, legalise Cannabis so money raised can go towards education.  Having spent 20 plus years inside mental health facilities seeing young people being treated due to cannibus induced mental illness I can attest to the impact that has on their lives and the people who love them.

    However, it needs to be pointed out ingesting cannabis oil does not cause mental health issues.  It is not the same as inhaling the drug, especiall when grown hydroponically which is where most of the illegal substances comes from.

  • Zoffiel
    Zoffiel Member Posts: 3,372
    There are hundreds of different cannabinoids. The quest at the moment is to find which ones bind with which receptors in our bodies to make changes. Modern cannabis has been bred to produce more THC--that's the compound that makes you stoned--cannabis used for fibre has very little of that compound because it has been selectively bred for another purpose.

    There are hundreds of articles out there about the topic, and while I could post links, I'd prefer you looked for yourselves. Please include the term 'scholarly article' in your search. Anyway, my point is that at the moment you are very unlikely to come across cannabis oil which does not contain THC. The process of distilling oil does not eliminate that compound any more than it gets rid of any of the others.

    As the science is refined we will see products which favour different compounds in order to produce specific effects but for now you can expect to have a cocktail of cannabinoids in any oil. I'm sure some of the people currently manufacturing oils are working on their plant genetics to increase the proportions of several different compounds, but it is still a bit of a lottery. That's what some of the research is targetting. Remember we are talking about this drug being viewed as a pharmaceutical which means it will have measurable ingredients and effects. 

    For now, please don't assume  you will pass a drug test if you are using cannabis oil. Like many people, I think the benefits outweigh the risks, but there is a long way to go. And you may still get stoned on the way.
  • melclarity
    melclarity Member Posts: 3,487
    @suzieq I have to agree with alot of what you said re: cannabis use, my brother is not mentally the same after all these years. HIs life in tatters never married and never had children...and sadly 10yrs ago diagnosed with MS. The mental side of Cannabis is horrific and I watched my brother turn into something and someone he just wasn't. Very sad. So yes, smoking is different to the oil and they way its used medicinally. x
  • suzieq
    suzieq Member Posts: 332
    Of course not everyone suffers mental illness from Cannibis.  However, of all the people I know who escaped the wrath of mental illess none of these people are successful or happy.  They lack motivation, in and out of work, and some end up socially withdrawn preferring to socialise only with those with the addiction.  So I know what you are talking about..  Medical cannibis oil, on the other hand would act differently so I am happy to let the medical profession drive this.  x