New to MBC. How to stay positive when every Onc meeting seems to bring less certainty?



  • GorgyS
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    Last week, I went for a PET scan. Of course, I was very nervous until a lovely lady over 70 years old walked into the waiting room and told the receptionist, 'Guess what, I do not have breast cancer anymore. It is in my bones now.' She laughed, and she did not stop talking and joking for the two hours we were both in there. She really made me less nervous. And I love all your 'strategies' to stay positive too. 
  • Cath62
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    @GorgyS, love this story and needed it today. I have bone mets so MBC and previously had 4 melanoma. Today I had 4 biopsies for suspected melanomas again.  So uncertainty again as I ready myself for another MBC treatment tomorrow.