If YOU live in SE Qld from Northern NSW to Mackay I have compiled a list of face to face support groups.  I started local support group on the Gold Coast back in 2019 and we now have 630 members - We opened our support group to include Ovarian due to the BRCA gene then gradually to ALL cancers for women on the Gold Coast.  We have Local leaders in each postcode/suburb and TYPE Leaders for each cancer so there are a lot of events and we have even got FREE exercise classes now three times a week at Palm Beach, Coomera & Southport.  Also aqua classes ($5) but have a great support TRIBE where we BUDDY newcomers to the group and have ladies sewing and making PORT/Seatbelt cushions, bags for BFF Ponchos we deliver to ladies having mastectomies, and have hospital visit fairies who visit our lovelies in hospital and take one of CARE PACKS with ear plugs, sleep masks, hand sanitiser, tissues, hand fan, cool towel, chemical free deodorant, cleanser, and other toiletries and skincare, stress ball for exercise arms after breast surgery, non-slip socks, a journal and pen and mandala colouring KIT, hand crocheted Worry Worm and other items when donated.  We also have a lot of WIGS & Headwear we loan to our members, and handy items like wheelie walkers, shower chair, wheelchair etc.  
We will have our website working by Wednesday  https://wcsgc.au and will have our interactive LIVE calendar working then too. 


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    How helpful @sandramj. This is so kind of you to put this together.
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    FANTASTIC support info there, @sandramj - well done on putting it together xx

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    Thankyou for this extensive list @sandramj - I am going to share this with my colleague who manages the service finder on the BCNA website to see if there are any groups we can reach out to who could be great additions