The LONG struggle waiting for pathology results after lumpectomy

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Hello there I am sorry I need to reach out again.  I had my lumpectomy Wednesday night, and my first day home today.  My head is not in a good place, I am not sure how to manage until I get my pathology results, and even if I will be brave enough to receive them.  I am trying to keep busy, do things i enjoy but it's such a struggle . I feel like I am in a fog, a nightmare I cannot wake up from. To top it off, my hookwire moved during surgery , the radiologist hadn't secured it properly, the surgeon said he therefore was guided by my ultrasound as to lesion location, and took extra margins to try to compensate, but this is also playing with my mind big time.  Having a bit of a poor me day I will pick myself up soon I am sure. 
But - I did get good news from my bone and CT scan, so I keep trying to focus on that. I've been through difficult times in my life but this is next level confronting.  


  • iserbrown
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    Hope this makes you smile

  • Cath62
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    Hi @laurie123, waiting is the pits and our minds play tricks on us with all sorts of scenarios running amuck. You're doing the right thing keeping busy doing things you like and focussing on the positives. Take time to breathe deeply too. Fingers crossed the pathology is a good result for you. Best wishes 
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    I agree with @Cath62 - the waiting, particularly for pathology, sadly, really DOES suck.   

    Definitely keep your self busy - can you go to the movies?  That'll take care of a few hours ..... binge watching Netflix is really good, I've found!  ;) 

    Deep Breaths - pull on the 'Big Girl Pants' - do what you have to do to get thru the weekend, and ring our helpline on Monday to have a chat .... it will help settle you down. xx

    Where abouts do you live @laurie123 (town/city) - we may have members nearby that you can catch up with for a coffee & a chat, now that covid restrictions have eased .... they may also know of local facilities that may be of use to you xx

    Just go to your Profile by clicking on your name - and click on the little 'blue person' next to the Avatar and add your location.

    Take care & all the best for your results xx. Take a good buddy with you as support & consider recording the meeting on your phone, too, as it is tricky remembering all that is said xx