Bouncing forward - can we do this?



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    I like the phrase eking along also.
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    Limping forward?? Because I do find myself somewhat limping at times, with both feet though 😳. 

    Limp-eking forward? 

    Dawdling forward? 

    “Post breast cancer, we need to find a way to dawdle forward”. 


    I’ve had a hard day, I’m making myself laugh now because I’m losing the plot. 

    I do agree that Tiffany Hall has never mentioned cancer. She only tries to help women not feel pressured into snapping back into shape post pregnancy, as society demands. It’s almost impossible to go back to pre-pregnancy body, and if women don’t, they’re made to feel ugly and lazy. Never mind the baby they’ve just had that’s taking up all their time, 24/7 🙄🙄. The important thing seems to be looking all fit again. Tiffany points out that it shouldn’t be like that, and that women should take their time getting into shape, and also accepting and not allowing society guilt them into thinking they have to be as slim as before. I think that’s the comparison @KarynJ was trying to make, and it was a good one. We shouldn’t be pressured into being all ‘fantastic’ again, just because we’ve finished with treatment. 


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    Good on you Karen for a thought provoking post!
    Each life event has a different effect on us!  The Tiffany Hall reference was a good example.

    For us, as we drag ourselves or stroll or in some cases wander through diagnosis and treatment the effects are internalised.  

    As to an appropriate phrase - good question!

    We are ebbing and flowing.....have to put more thought into that!

    Life itself is evolving and different events help shape us.  A heightened awareness of self and acceptance stand out.  

    Take care and best wishes
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    @iserbrown I love that!!! Ebb and flow 😃. Both true and it sounds good! 

    ‘The ebb and flow forward post (breast) cancer’. 

    I like it 😁🥰. 
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    Yes some days are “ bouncing” forward and some  are “limping” forward ( when the side effects of the AIs are bad).

    A breast cancer diagnosis often leads to a “ re calibration” of priorities and that in itself can be liberating.

    I have learnt to say “no” more often and try not to sweat the unimportant stuff as well as trying to take pleasure in what is good in my life , including my loved ones.

    Take care 🌺
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    @iserbrown the ebb and flow of recovery. I love that!!

    I was also thinking of adding a couple more e's and be eeeeeeeeking along.
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    @KarynJ I liked what you were saying at the start of this post. People just need to grasp what works for them. The idea is, we move forward. Thank you. Oh, and I am a bouncer. Maybe not physically, but I am a bubbly person who tries to see the positive in any situation. Grasp it, lovely lady!