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To vaccinate or not vaccinate?

ScorpionQueenScorpionQueen Picton NSWMember Posts: 768
Hi All, 

I hope you’re all having a good day!

I’m on a list waiting for Pfizer. My hubby and I have been putting it off… I’m actually quite scared.

two weeks ago I had bi lateral cortisone hip injections. On the night of the last one, I had a reaction… they call it a cortisone flush(?) the right side of my face swelled up and was bright red… it took almost three days for it to settle… 

Being in the high risk category, because of my cancer experience and niw fibromyalgia chronic illness.. I have had the discussion of tolerance of the vaccine with my GP and Oncologist ( still on yearly consults 5 years out) and they say that me catching COVID is way worse than the effects the vaccine would have on me…. I’m still terrified! 

I am not anti vax by any means, but I have so much going on  with my health already, I am worried ill have an adverse reaction. It’s what has made me wait so long! 

Can anyone share their experience with having the vaccine? 

I appreciate everyone is different, but some of us have had the same treatments and ‘leftovers’ from our bc experience & I am curious how the vaccine has effected you… 

still terrified! 



  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,033
    Understand your concerns!
    I will tag @arpie as her hubby's health is compromised 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,122
    edited September 2021
    Thanks, @iserbrown ..  @ScorpionQueen .... bad luck about the bad reaction to cortisone!  :(   Hubby is also an anaphylactic, so they kept him in the waiting room for douboe the time (30 mins instead of 15mins) after he had the jab, to make sure he didn’t have a reaction.

    My husband also has Stage 4/Mets and originally, I was sitting upon the fence, myself, about having the injection ....  Then it became obvious  that this thing isn’t going away and the only way to get out of the mess is to have the injection.  

    We only had access to AZ.  So I had mine in July .... our Onc (we share the same Onc) suggested that hubby wait a while, as he is having chemo every 3 weeks plus oral chemo for 2 weeks after each infusion .... but last month, the Onc said exactly what your Onc has said .... that it would be MUCH worse with him getting the Virus, than getting the jab!  So hubby had his first one last month.  I have my 2nd one soon and his 2nd one is in Oct.

    Neither of us have had any real side effects from it .... I had a bit of a shiver thing happen 7hrs after .... hubby had none!    Just keep notes on if you get any reactions .... and seek help if needed.  

    Good luck and take care. Xx
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,889
    Dear @ScorpionQueen

    Your GP and oncologist have given you good advice. The reluctance among people with existing conditions is understandable, but the risks of serious illness if you were to contract the virus are much greater. I didn’t have Pfizer, I got AstraZeneca in March (I was keen!) so I can’t speak from Pfizer experience. A few friends and colleagues have experienced some side effects from Pfizer but for a few days only. You will be monitored after your shot - possibly for a longer period if you advise them of a possible reaction. 
    Many have had a sore arm and nothing other than a slightly tired feeling, for a day or two. I had the same reaction after my first AZ shot, nothing at all after the second.
    Best wishes.

  • June1952June1952 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,444
    Hello @ScorpionQueen
    The following discussion is worth a read as you will see many of us were unsure and all details of reactions have been written about !
    As others have advised you, getting the illness is far worse than the vaccination.
    Good luck with your decision.
  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 870
    My husband, who had a huge heart attack 15 years ago and now has a combination defibrillator / pacemaker and is on blood thinners and more, was hanging out for the Pfizer but eventually we decided on the Astra Zeneca. He had his first one a fortnight ago and only had a sore arm and a headache the day following. I have to have the Pfizer, as I have one of the very few blood clotting disorders which absolutely rule out the Astra one....antiphospholipid antigen syndrome with thrombosis. I was waiting for my own GP to get the Pfizer, but eventually decided I couldn't wait any longer, as he told me he was only expecting to get stock at the end of September. My team of doctors, which are GP, rheumatologist, lung specialist, kidney specialist, heart specialist, haematologist, neurosurgeon, oncologist and breast surgeon...(an a partridge in a pear tree...) all insisted I get vaccinated ASAP. As you can see from the preceding list of doctors, my medical issues are severe and many, but if I got covid, that would be it. Me and my perch would soon part company as I dropped off of it. I eventually found a clinic with the Pfizer and had my first shot on Tuesday and have so far, only had a sore arm and a vague headache.  
  • ScorpionQueenScorpionQueen Picton NSWMember Posts: 768
    Thank you everyone... I guess I’ll prepare for side defects and deal accordingly. Hubby and I are getting done separately in case one needs the other for help... i don’t do well with new meds let alone a vaccine,  

    wishing you all beautiful and easy days, 💪🏻💖✨
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,033
    Understand your concern.  I've had AZ with no adverse effects.

    I see the Breast Surgeon annually as a rule,  still have niggling issues so recently visited outside the review period.  See Oncologist twice a year.  

    As to Fibromyalgia, I get it, it's a bitch!  I had spinal surgery 23 years ago, ended up with Fibromyalgia and today if I get stressed, which one tends to when suffering bone pain et cetera it flares

    Protection from the virus is what we're all aiming for

    Best wishes 
    Take care

  • ScorpionQueenScorpionQueen Picton NSWMember Posts: 768
    @AllyJay.... your list of drs is quite similar to mine, I also have other illnesses and multiple meds to factor in. Thank you for your comment and hoping you and hubby have easy days.

    @iserbrown thank you....and yes we must aim for protection against the virus...I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago and while it’s not ideal, I, glad I have a name for the way I was feeling! I thought I was going crazy! Even my hair hurt. It’s awful and can be quite debilitating, I ve just adjusted my meds for it and it’s helping with my pain, but my head is not coping well, fuzzy and all that. Soldier on! Hoping you have a beautiful day 

  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,033
    Yes it's a shocker! 
    Before being diagnosed I was going to Physio and would complain how much she was hurting me.  She hardly applied pressure or if hubby tappped me on the arm to get my attention I would cry with pain!
    It's a shocking thing and as you say relief when you have a name for it!

    Take care 
  • StrongCoffeeStrongCoffee Member Posts: 112
    I put off getting my 1st pfizer for a while as I was still recovering from my mastectomy, recon and sentinel node biopsy. A friend had a reaction to pfizer where all her lymph nodes seemed and then went itchy for weeks - so that made me a bit hesitant as my armpit was healing slower than my foob.

    I've also recently been diagnosed with psoratic arthritis (inflammatory and autoimmune related) after at least 5 years of increasing symptoms (GP kept dismissing me until I had mega sausage fingers with one flare).

    I had my 1st shot just over 3 weeks ago and booked for 2nd next Thursday. I had a sore arm for about 2 days. I also got a sharp pain a couple of days later right near my lymph node scar that lasted a couple of days. I thought I was coming down with something already the day I got it and I was correct, so any other side effects were masked by the fact that I had a cold for the next few days.

    A lot of my colleagues at work (teacher) have had the pfizer. Most have had a sore arm and maybe a headache after dose 1 and all but 1had 24 hours of aches/headache from about 12 hours after dose 2. My brother had those side effect plus a bad tummy after dose 2.

    It definitely helped reassure me as so many people at work were getting the pfizer and basically being fine. There's something so much more reassuring about real people's experiences than statistics and data.
  • CarmelSCarmelS CanberraMember Posts: 264
    My husband & I both had Pfizer with no side effects at all (only if you touched the site)  our 3 boys & partners all aged between 18 & 28 have had Astrazeneca & I think 2 out of the 5 felt a bit shit for about 24 hours. They were all gagging to get it asap.....& went through a chemist for it. 
  • Keeping_positive1Keeping_positive1 Member Posts: 397
    I had the Astrazeneca first dose in early June and I was tired the next day, I slept it off. Then the following day after I felt as if I was coming down with a cold/flu but that feeling subsided by the end of the day.  My second dose was last week I had nil side effects this time. 

    I know some people that had the chills/fever the following day after their first jab, but I figure that is only a touch of what a person would feel if they got the COVID!   I was guided by my medial team and chose to have the vaccine as suggested.

    Best wishes on your decision whether to vaccinate or not.
  • StrongCoffeeStrongCoffee Member Posts: 112
    I've had my 2nd Pfizer now and just had a headache, bit tired and sore arm.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,122
    I had my 2nd AZ jab yesterday & apart from a sore arm ..... no side effects at all.  Hubby gets his 2nd one in a few weeks.

    I think that right now, those who DON'T get the jab are beginning to understand that they will be restricted in their work choices, holiday choices and even restaurant/entertainment choices as more and more mandate that double jabs are required to use their services!

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