Be aware and be safe with Beyond Blue

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I often read of members wo are going through tough times but don't have easy and timely access to a counsellor.  A few months ago attended a session for people who feel anxious or depressed and we were given a fantastic tool to help us through the bad times.  I completed my safety plan when feeling really 'up' and when I am alone and really 'down' during this Victorian lockdown and the whole pandemic worry I get it out and feel it does help me to get through. The plan is simple but works. If you have this tendency I hope you will take the time to view and complete this.     Sending big hugs to all.  💖


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    I like this. It’s a good idea 👌🏻
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    I don’t have the problem but I was interested to have a look. What a good idea! Being in Melbourne, with a return from overseas isolation period and living in one of the suburbs locked down because of the housing commission flats problem in addition to four ‘normal’ lockdowns, I found writing very beneficial. A ‘plague’ journal, writing up previous travel, some family stuff and short stories kept me busy.