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    Thanks Halla. It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree on certain subjects because it's the act of feeling compelled to voice an opinion that makes you feel empowered regardless of the logic or lack of logic involved in the debate. I feel more positive when I express frustration in a healthy way, like on a forum instead of binge drinking. Let's SMASH that 10 kgs in the face and send it straight to hell!!! 😘
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    @Autismandbc I agree there. Voicing your opinion means you’re speaking your truth, as opposed to stifling it to keep others happy or to be accepted by society or the majority and not be ridiculed or judged. When you start doing that, you’re basically living for others, and that doesn’t end well. It’s also a lot healthier to vent here than to binge drink, as you said 👌🏻
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    There can be however, a very fine line between speaking one's truth and being offensive. Proceed down this path with caution! Kindness should always triumph. K xox
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