One Year since the diagnosis feeling strong and well



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    @AZ79, I am all for incorporating some natural therapies but check what is compatible with chemo or meds first with your oncologist. I am now nearly 2 yrs post diagnosis and doing well. I  terms of long term side effects I get tired still but I am almost 60 and I have a busy life. My toe nails suffered a bit from chemo but that's about it now. 

    I would not go natural only. There are a few miraculous storys of this but it is rare.  Western medicine works, chemo and radium work combined with surgeries and hormone therapies. 

    The thing is you can be cured using chemo and radium. It works. Success rates are high too. Try mediation as it helps with the stress and walking us great as it drinking water. I drank liver cleaning juices through chemo eg beetroot, apple, carrot, ginger.  I ate well, vegetables, fish, meat once a week, fruit. They are the natural things you can do during treatment. 

    If you feel you should just do chemo and radium just do it. It may well save your life. Also you want to know you have done everything you can to recover from this that you can.  Best wishes 
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    @AZ79Try not to too far ahead of yourself .... it will give you the heebie geebies ....  Your team will take you thru all your options and hopefully explain it all to you as well.  Don't use Dr Google either, as the info is often out of date or not relevant to your own diagnosis. xx

    Definitely tell your Onc if you are taking any over the counter medications or natural therapies, as some can affect the efficacy of a lot of prescription drugs. 

    Even simple things like Fish Oil Capsules can thin your blood  .... and high levels of some vitamins can prevent absorption of other vitamins or meds .... 

    Taking high levels of Vit A,D,E & K can actually cause liver damage, as they are stored in the body (unlike water soluble Vitamins B & C which are excreted in your urine, even if you take excessive amounts.)
    No-one really 'wants' to do chemo or radiation - but if it increases your chances of survival beyond 5-10 years+ beyond your surgery  .... you need to weigh up the pros & cons - so talk to your Onc, get another opinion if you need it ...    

    The idea is to throw as much as you can at it, early - to give you quality of life later on.   Otherwise, further down the line, you could be asking 'what if I'd done the chemo?'  'What if I'd done the radiation?' 

    take care, and all the best for your next team meeting.  Make sure you have a friend there for emotional & physical support - even record the meeting so you can go back over it later one. 
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    Hi @Ozhulagal
    Like you I had mastectomy , radiotherapy and then have been on hormone therapy for 18 months.
    It will be my 2 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis at the end of August and I intend to celebrate.
    Its also important to celebrate the good things we have whilst acknowledging the grief we will always feel ( it dies lessen as time goes by) at the loss of our previously bullet proof selves .
    Take care and congratulations 🎉🎉