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  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,565
    I hadn’t heard about the pericarditis link to the vaccines @AllyJay .... I’ve had it too and it is HORRIBLE!  I seriously thought I was dying from a heart attack and called the Ambos.  I’ve had that petechial rash on my lower leg too, but just thought i was ‘getting old’!!  I’ve had both Pfizer and Moderna.  I had one bad reaction where my heart went a bit haywire, but not the pain/thumping that I experienced with the pericarditis.  

    Fingers crossed you dont don’t get it again .... I haven’t had it yet and still wear the mask everywhere ... 
    take care xx
  • AllyJay
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    Thanks @arpie...I'm still mostly under 'house arrest' and only leave home to visit my grandies and for medical appointments which can't be done by Telehealth, and for my fortnightly blood test to check my warfarin levels. Both myself and my hubby wear masks when out and about, but it seems to be anywhere and everywhere since it has become 'Every man (and woman) for themselves'. Hopefully lightning won't strike twice for me...