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Hello everyone,

Welcome to today’s Friday update.   A warm welcome to all our new members who
have joined the online community this month. 
We have had over 100 new members register this month.  Make sure you check out  the Community
tab for more information.

Community highlights

Every week we have lots of great discussions within the online network,
here are some that you may have missed

1.  Upcoming
All the best @Kell

2. Music:  what song are you listening to….invites and
answers the question ‘how are you?’
Great thread

3. What
pets do you have?
 Love the coat @June1952


Community news

Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19 Vaccine for people with

Cancer Australia has compiled
answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about COVID-19 vaccines for people
affected by cancer based on information and evidence currently available in
Australia and internationally.    Click here for more

You may like to listen to
the podcast below with Cancer Australia CEO Dorothy Keefe for more information.

Cancer patients and the vaccine. What do we know? -
Coronacast - ABC Radio


Upcoming Webcast - New and emerging
treatments for metastatic breast cancer

One hour live digital event with
Q&A on 'New and emerging treatments for metastatic breast cancer' is
scheduled for 

7.00 pm AEST on Tuesday 23 March.

The webcast will feature Oncologist
Dr. Nick Zdenkowski, BCNA consumer representative Kim Parish, and BCNA’s
Director of Policy and Advocacy Vicki Durston.

This webcast will discuss new and
improved treatments for metastatic breast cancer.  These emerging treatments are more targeted
and greatly improving overall survival. 
For more information and to register click here


March is Lymphoedema awareness month.

It is important to know the signs of
lymphoedema so you can reduce your risk and prevent the condition from

If you would like to know
more about lymphoedema and the early warning click here

Berlei Design Awards

Do you want to make a difference
using your amazing design skills? Now is the time.

BCNA with our partner Berlei are excited to announce the Pink Bra
Project Design Awards.

You have the opportunity to create a unique design which could be selected to
be printed on Berlei’s best selling bras.

Winning designs will feature in a
national campaign in October 2021 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and $10
from the sale of each bra will be donated to BCNA to help support those
affected by breast cancer.  We’re so excited to be working
alongside Berlei who have been supplying My Care kits to women since 2004.

For more information go to


This week’s reflective

‘Live life as though nobody is
watching and express yourself as though everyone is listening.’

Nelson Mandela


Enjoy your weekend,

The mod team

Giovanna, Laura,
Michelle and Pat



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    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA - after having the coat put on he is popped onto the floor and there he sits and waits for hubby to pick him up and carry him to bed in the laundry !  Patiently waiting .....  😀
    I tried to get him into a bigger coat but no, he likes the original one !