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Is anyone taking Endone (for pain) and what side effects are you experiencing?

My Oncologist prescribed me Endone for shoulder blade pain. I didn’t take it because a friend who had hip surgery had hallucinations when she was on it. As it so happened, the pain went away when I had T11 tumour ‘radiated’. That was last July. Now I have pain in my ribs so I got a ‘script from my GP yesterday for Panadeine Forte in case it’s a just a pulled muscle. But if it isn’t and PF doesn’t work (it did when I pulled a muscle last time), I’d like to know what to expect if Oncologist suggests Endone when I see her in two weeks. Naturally if PF kicks in before then I won’t need it.


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  • Rlara02Rlara02 Victoria Member Posts: 13
    I was prescribed Endone after my double mastectomy and axillary dissection in Nov / Dec and I never experienced hallucinations. I did find i got constipated and drowsy after taking it but that was all. I was also prescribed Palexia but that made me nausea so I took to Endone instead. If you're worried about Endone, Palexia is another option but obviously check with your oncologist. All the best to you xx
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    I found Endone did nothing for me. However, a lot of ladies on here love it.
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    @Rlara02 Thank you x
  • LucyDeeLucyDee Member Posts: 107
    @Blossom1961, ‘nothing’ as in didn’t relieve your pain, you mean?
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    It works well for me, but if I haven't taken it for a while the first pill always makes me chuck. After that, all good.

    It doesn't work for every sort of pain (for me) but if I get into what I call a 'pain loop'--where I get tenser and more anxious and make things worse for myself--it is enough to relax me and break the cycle.
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    @Zoffiel, thank you for responding. Take care x
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    Thanks for the unintentional heads up.
    I was given a prescription for endone  by my dentist a while ago - in case of pain given a particular procedure. I never needed it and didn’t take any, but still have the prescription. Reading here about hallucinations, I looked up the manufacturer’s info. Yes it can cause hallucinations but also should not be taken by anyone with an irregular heartbeat! A reminder that a dentist doesn’t have your medication record in front of them! When in doubt, check with your doctor or go to the manufacturer’s printed information. Many thanks. 
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    @LucyDee That's correct. It didn't make any difference to the pain , nor did it have side effects.
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    I found Endone was the only drug that  helped with the pain after surgery for me.  I didn't have any hallucinations 
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    Endone does help with pain a bit - not nearly as effective as codeine - but I'm in the vomiting group.
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    @Afraser, very true regarding dentist although my dentist knows I have Cancer and what drugs I’m on but not everyone may have a dentist that diligent. Hope you are doing ok. Hugs x
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    My dentist knows I have had cancer but not about the arrhythmia! I’m not blaming the dentist just reminding myself to check. 
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    Dear LucyDee,
    I think you just need to try it for yourself.
    Everyone is so different. No hallucinations. I had some nausea.
    I was prescribed anti-nausea drugs to take if needed.
    Try the Endone, perhaps when you are home with someone. If you are worried re hallucinations.
    There are other drugs too, that can be prescribed.
    All the best.

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    @Afraser, I found it odd my Oncologist prescribed it just because I had pain, given I’m ‘riddled’ with Arthritis. You’d think she’d check if there was a new tumour in my shoulder blade, instead it was a case of ‘there ya go’...no physical check, nothing.

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