Stoic? Why? Venting



  • Greengirl
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    I couldn’t agree more @Sister 😘
  • Zoffiel
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    @sister none of us are less worthy. We may be damaged, broken, staggering in circles, exhausted, confused and generally battle weary, but anyone who thinks they can do better .... Ah, I can't wish misfortune on anyone, it's bad karma. Or something. 
    If they had to walk a mile in our shoes, there would be a terrible sooking of the la-las. Trudge 500 miles, then they might get it. Mxx
  • Tasia
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    I love this discussion - its heart speak, not mind speak. Thank you x

    I cringe when someones vocal chords have mastered the - how are you question? feeling better? 
    Followed by ʻjust be positiveʻ ʻyou have to fight this there are people in worse situationʻ ʻI know, I knowʻ
    Followed by a barrage of their unwellness stories ʻsore neckʻ ʻheadacheʻ ʻtired from workʻ 

    I have minimal tolerance these days and shut down. Itʻs not that I am disinterested or do not empathise however, I do think please spare me!
  • Anj_j2020
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    Stoicism is a coping mechanism like any other. x