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Stage 4 TNBC

Watto Member Posts: 4
My first time posting in this group. I’m 39, mum of two children. Was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in Nov 2018, originally hormone receptive, of which I underwent 6 months chemo, bilateral mastectomy and aux. clearance. Testing from remaining 3mm of cancer after mastectomy revealed triple negative. I am BRAC1. Off for 5 weeks radiation, 6 more months of chemo via oral tablets, ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed, and then sent off with tamoxifen in case I was lucky enough to have had both hormone positive, and triple negative breast cancer. They could never determine from original biopsy.
After feeling off and a niggle in my back scans have revealed a small met in my spine. I am waiting for a PET scan to show any other involvement. I am so terribly devastated and feel quite hopeless. My kids are only 5 and 7. I lost my mum to ovarian cancer at 18. 9 months after my breast cancer diagnosis my sister Kellie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
 I don’t know how to feel hope that I may be around for a while yet, but am so sick of crying about it. While I understand I’ll die from this, I’m seeking some help from other who have managed to live with this disease to give me some hope. I’m trying to change my thinking but am struggling. Thank you for listening. 


  • lrb_03
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    Hi, @Watto . I'm so sorry to hear your news. There really are no words
    Have you requested tp join the private living with metastatic breast cancer group on this site? Here's the link. You can also request the Hopes& Hurdles pack. 


    I wish there was more I could do or say
    Sending hugs  💞
  • Watto
    Watto Member Posts: 4
    Thanks lrb_03. I tried the join button button does t seem to take me anywhere. Thanks for your kind response. 
  • Afraser
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    @Giovanna_BCNA, can you help
    here tomorrow?
    @Watto, so sorry to hear your new diagnosis, that’s an awful lot to carry. I am not in your position, but know there are a number of people with mets on the network doing well, over long periods, with the appropriate treatment. I am sure they too have felt hopeless but found a way through. Take care. 
  • SoldierCrab
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    hi we have ladies with stage 4 TNBC in this facebook group if you want specific supports 

  • Laura_BCNA
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    Hi @Watto, sending you a private message.
  • Palmbeachprincess
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    I have just posted. I had a recent PET scan that showed NED. Over the years I ve had breast, bone, liver, skin and pleural lining. 
    I’m 42, 3 kids age 10,13 and 15. 
    Please stay positive. It’s by no means the end. You can live many years well, and whilst you are busy living new treatments are being developed.
    sending love and happy if you want to contact me direct xxx