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  • Louise64
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    Update: thank you all for the wonderful support I have received from diagnosis- to becoming a grandma- telling family- bras and radiotherapy answers to questions - as a million things were spinning through my head. I’ve had my surgery yesterday-  hookwire procedure thenwide excision for DCIS malignant  tumour. More taken out than anticipated- to ensure margins clear. Home tonight and looking forward to a good nights sleep. An all female operation- surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses and staff.  A caring breast cancer nurse with a beautiful pink satin breast cushion & bra, lovely physio and all looks good so far. Radiotherapy starts in 4 weeks but feeling very positive.
    thank you to you all
    Louise ❤️❤️❤️💙 
  • FLClover
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    Fantastic news @Louise64! Glad that went really well for you, and first step is over. Keep feeling positive, radiotherapy is not scary at all, at least not the first half 😊. Hope you recover well Xx
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    Hi Louise64, wishing you all the best, you have got this xx
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    HI @louise64, glad all went well for you.   Sending hugs xxx