Can’t sleep all night, after chemo.



  • Louweezer
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    hi @Superzap so true otherwise you end up in a spiral of oh god I am not sleeping -panic now I am stressed about not sleeping - but I need to sleep to get well - oh god maybe that’s why I got sick and repeat 10,000 times!!! Oh yes, we’ve all been there haven’t we?!!! Ok - back to Grey’s Anatomy...... xxxx
  • Tinks
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    @Superzap I found the steroids were the first culprit! Wide awake by 1am and in full party mode, crystal clear brain and energy hyped. Exhaustion crept in by the early dawn hours, got some sleep and this prompted fragmented sleep patterns in the day. After steroids wore off, fragmented sleep patterns persisted and now I’m in RT it’s pretty much the same...I did not help myself by turning to the iPad when bored at 2 Tinks xxx
  • Superzap
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    It’s so annoying. Also I have a lump where he cancer was removed, it’s all fluid , size of a mango, they think if they remove it I’ll get an infection,so uncomfortable xx
  • StarGirl
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    After the first cycle, I refused the steroids. There are other anti-nausea medications. No issues with sleep after that. Good luck with it. X