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    I'm not too sure on your question regarding further radiation to the breast or more chemo if it proves to be malignant. I never had radiotherapy...although I should have had for my type and grade of tumour, but I have pre existing lung disease due to scleroderma, and radiotherapists refused point blank. However, my understanding is that radiotherapy is usually not repeated in the same spot, but I have to be clear, that I'm just repeating what I've read, and your medical team would be the best ones to ask. I do know that some chemotherapy drugs such as Adriamicin or Doxyrubicin...same drug and the A pare of AC chemo, has a maximum lifetime limit that it can be given. So if you received the maximum dose the first time, you can't have that drug again, because of toxicity to the heart. However, oncologists have more than two or three arrows in their quivers and I'm sure that if necessary, another chemo would do the job. Again, talk to your doctors, as it's obviously on your mind.
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    @Bean73, I understand being private. I told very few people and asked them to keep it that way but I later found out most people I told did tell others. I guess they did that for their own support.  I found out who my friends were and discovered as far as true friends I only have a couple. My family disappointed me most. They seemed to tell the world. It was disappointing really but that's them. I share things here as it's all private and no surnames. 

    My treatment was during covid19 lockdowns etc. It was ok mostly but I missed out on bringing a support person to most of my chemo sessions.  I am now on tamoxifen. I see my oncologist again next week as I recently had a malignant melanoma removed....long story. I just want to confirm I don't need a PET scan and staying on tamoxifen is ok. 

    It is good to have the breast cancer behind me. Fingers crossed for you too. 
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    Hi sisters, the stereotactic biopsy results from last Friday are negative - non cancerous! Thanks all for your support 💕
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    Best news!
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    Great news 🌸
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    YAY!!  Great Xmas Pressie xx
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    Great news. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁